How do you say car in French?
— voiture (f); auto (f); automobile (m); char (m)

Terms within for car in French
firstpremier (m); -unième ('used in compounds')
gasgaz (m)
horncorne (f)
lowbas (m); basse (f)
rooftoit (m)
thirdtroisième (m'f) ('before the noun') ('abbreviation' 3ème); ('in names of monarchs and popes') trois (m'f) ('after the name') ('abbreviation' III)
windowfenêtre (f)
wingaile (f)
Specialized synonyms for car in French
ambulanceambulance (f)
busautobus (m); bus (m)
taxitaxi (m)
Group relationships for car in French
traintrain (m)