Definition of Genus Dama

1. Noun. Fallow deer.

Exact synonyms: Dama
Generic synonyms: Mammal Genus
Group relationships: Cervidae, Family Cervidae
Member holonyms: Dama Dama, Fallow Deer

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Literary usage of Genus Dama

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Catalogue of the Hunterian Collection in the Museum of the Royal College of by Museum, Royal College of Surgeons in London (1831)
"Sub-Genus DAMA. 918. The skeleton of a Fallow-deer. Male. Mus. Brit. Cervus Dama—Lin: (Dama Vulgaris—Gesn: Dain—Buff:} Fig.—Shaw, Gen. Zooi. ii. pi. ..."

2. Introduction to Mammalia by Charles Hamilton Smith (1858)
"Of the sub-genus DAMA, only one species, the fallow deer, appears to be at present in existence ; but at least three, of very large proportions, are fossil, ..."

3. Proceedingsby Zoological Society of London by Zoological Society of London (1882)
"762 Exhibition of, and remarks upon, two double hind feet of a Fallow Deer (Genus dama) 1874, 90 Ou a supposed new Species of Wild Sheep from Ladak 1874, ..."

4. Explanatory Text to S.R. Urbino's Charts of the Animal Kingdom by Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert, J. H. von Schubert (1869)
"... DEER (Genus dama) is smaller than the Stag; a gentle and timid creature. The horns of the male are broad, and fingered at the end, and there are two ..."

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