Definition of Genus Damaliscus

1. Noun. African antelopes: sassabies.

Exact synonyms: Damaliscus
Generic synonyms: Mammal Genus
Group relationships: Bovidae, Family Bovidae
Member holonyms: Damaliscus Lunatus, Sassaby, Topi

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Literary usage of Genus Damaliscus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Life-histories of African Game Animals by Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Heller (1914)
"... antelopes or sables through the genus Damaliscus and on the other to the African buffalo through the wildebeest, Gorgon. ..."

2. The Cambridge Natural History by Sidney Frederick Harmer, Arthur Everett Shipley (1902)
"... belong to a closely-allied genus, Damaliscus, distinguished mainly by the fact that the bony base of the horn cores is not extended upwards, ..."

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