Definition of Capital of Ohio

1. Noun. The state capital of Ohio; located in the center of the state; site of Ohio State University.

Exact synonyms: Columbus
Terms within: Ohio State University
Generic synonyms: State Capital
Group relationships: Buckeye State, Oh, Ohio

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Literary usage of Capital of Ohio

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Over the Alleghanies and Across the Prairies: Personal Recollections of the by John Lewis Peyton (1869)
"... the capital of Ohio—Aspect of Central Ohio—A natural road—Lost in the woods—A wild man, who proves to be one of Nature's noblemen—A corderoy road and an ..."

2. Annals of the West: Embracing a Concise Account of Principal Events which by James Handasyd Perkins, John Mason Peck (1857)
"Columbus was this year (1816,) made permanently the capital of Ohio. On the 28th of December, 18*16, ..."

3. Colton and Fitch's Introductory School Geography: Illustrated by Twenty Maps by George William Fitch, George Woolworth Colton (1863)
"... River is the capital of Ohio ? Cs. What city in the southwestern part of Ohio? Ci. What town on Lake Erie ? Cd. What is the capital of Indiana? Ia. ..."

4. Manual of Geography: Combined with History and Astronomy by James Monteith (1864)
"... flow? it is the capital of Ohio? it large City in the south-west? it three Cities on Lake Erie? it City south of Columbus? it City east of Columbus? ..."

5. The Welsh of Columbus, Ohio: A Study in Adaptation and Assimilation by Daniel Jenkins Williams (1913)
"THE WELSH OF OHIO IN COLUMBUS The Location and Early History of Columbus Columbus, the capital of Ohio and the seat of Franklin County, is situated near the ..."

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