Definition of Capital of Norway

1. Noun. The capital and largest city of Norway; the country's main port; located at the head of a fjord on Norway's southern coast.

Exact synonyms: Christiania, Oslo
Generic synonyms: Port, National Capital
Group relationships: Kingdom Of Norway, Noreg, Norge, Norway

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Literary usage of Capital of Norway

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Visit to Northern Europe: Or, Sketches Descriptive, Historical, Political by Robert Baird (1842)
"... dissatisfac lion disappearing—Copenhagen regarded still as the literary capital of Norway ; Stockholm its political—Topography of Norway remarkable—Its ..."

2. Due North or glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia. by Maturin Murray Ballou (1887)
"CHAPTER V. Ancient capital of Norway. — Routes of Travel. — Rain ! ... It will be remembered that Bergen was the capital of Norway when it was under Danish ..."

3. Norsk, Lapp, and Finn or, travel tracings from the far north of Europe. by Frank Vincent (1881)
"Founded some eight hundred years ago, it was for a long time the capital of Norway and a place of great commercial importance, but now its trade is ..."

4. Colton's Common School Geography by Joseph Hutchins Colton (1880)
"Christiania, the capital of Norway, is an important commercial town, its chief exports being timber und fish. Its situation is very delightful. ..."

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