Definition of Spanish peseta

1. Noun. Formerly the basic unit of money in Spain; equal to 100 centimos.

Exact synonyms: Peseta
Terms within: Centimo
Generic synonyms: Spanish Monetary Unit

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Literary usage of Spanish peseta

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Land of the White Helmet, Lights and Shadows Across Africa: Lights and by Edgar Allen Forbes (1910)
"The franc may be traded for a Spanish peseta, plus twenty centimos in copper. The Spanish peseta may now be converted into a Moorish peseta (" Hassani ") ..."

2. Venezuela: Geographical Sketch, Natural Resources, Laws, Economic Conditions by Nicolás Veloz Goiticoa (1904)
"... the fixed price for which the following foreign coins were to be received, viz: Pesos. Colombian gold condor 12. SO Spanish peseta 25 Spanish peseta, ..."

3. Arithmeticby Eugene Herz by Eugene Herz (1920)
"80 Spanish peseta. [. Time yourself. 16. 450 Swiss francs. 17. ... $82.99 in Spanish peseta. 20. $11.58 in Swiss francs. 21. $96.50 in French francs. 22. ..."

4. The History of Cuba by Willis Fletcher Johnson (1920)
"But the Spanish peseta, consisting of gold or silver indifferently, while circulating freely in Cuba along with French gold and American currency in recent ..."

5. In Morocco with General D'Amade by Reginald Rankin (1908)
"... showed that the Spanish peseta stood to the franc as 114 per cent. to 100, and to the £1 as 114g to 100; whilst Hassani money stood to Spanish as 138^ ..."

6. Elementary Spanish Grammar: With Practical Exercies for Reading by Aurelio Macedonio Espinosa (1915)
"The Spanish peseta is worth eighteen cents in American money. 7. In an American dollar there are five and a half Spanish pesetas. 8. ..."

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