Definition of Spanish onion

1. Noun. Large mild and succulent onion; often eaten raw.

Generic synonyms: Onion
Specialized synonyms: Purple Onion, Red Onion

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Literary usage of Spanish onion

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Kettner's Book of the Table: A Manual of Cookery, Practical, Theoretical by Eneas Sweetland Dallas (1877)
"Beetroot and Spanish onion make a capital winter salad ; so also beetroot and celery or beetroot and celeriac. Even to green salads, as the cabbage lettuce, ..."

2. The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined: Comprising Ample Directions for by John Mollard (1802)
"Either Spanish onion sauce, or savoy, haricot, ... To make Spanish onion Sauce. BRAISE six Spanish onions with the beef till three parts done; ..."

3. Good Words edited by Norman Macleod, Donald Macleod (1880)
"To proceed : about half a pound of bacon, cut in strips, and a Spanish onion a pound weight, shredded and added, should be put into a basin. ..."

4. Good Words by Norman Macleod (1880)
"and a large Spanish onion ... Put the cabbage in a colander to drain, then shred it fine, and with a large Spanish onion, also shredded, put the whole into ..."

5. Choice dishes at small cost by Arthur Gay Payne (1882)
"Place a Spanish onion in the saucer, and let it steam till tender—about three hours. Spanish onions can be baked in the oven, with a little butter to ..."

6. Consolidated Library of Modern Cooking and Household Recipes by Christine Terhune Herrick (1904)
"Onion and Eggs Wash and peel a large Spanish onion. Cut it into slices about a quarter of an inch in thickness, strew a little salt and pepper over these, ..."

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