Definition of Colorado

1. Noun. A state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains.

2. Noun. A river in Texas; flows southeast into the Gulf of Mexico.
Exact synonyms: Colorado River
Group relationships: Lone-star State, Texas, Tx
Generic synonyms: River

3. Noun. An important river in the southwestern United States; rises in the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado and flows southwest through Utah into Arizona (where it flows through the Grand Canyon) and then southward through the southern tip of Nevada, then forming the border between California and Arizona and finally into Mexico where it empties into the Gulf of California; the main source of water in the southwestern United States.

Definition of Colorado

1. a. Reddish; -- often used in proper names of rivers or creeks.

Definition of Colorado

1. Proper noun. A (USstate) Capital and largest city: Denver. ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Colorado

1. of medium strength and color -- used of cigars [adj]

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Literary usage of Colorado

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"It would not secure directly the enforcement of the provision of paragraph 9 of the tripartite agreement, or the use of the right of way by the Colorado ..."

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"Verified from " The Constitution of the State of Colorado, Adopted in Convention, ... It was submitted to the people of Colorado and ratified July 1, 1876. ..."

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"CHAPTER II THE Colorado CITY STRIKE Smelters and reduction plants are located in Colorado at various centers of population throughout the state. ..."

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