Definition of Ill luck

1. Noun. An unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes.

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Literary usage of Ill luck

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum (1901)
"... and a goat to shell it—The Spray's ill luck with animals—A prejudice against small dogs — A rat, the Boston spider, and the cannibal cricket—Ascension ..."

2. Cyclopædia of Wit and Humor by Wayne E. Burton (1867)
"It just is, ma'am, darlint,—that is, I mean the sty story is finished ; but I could tell ye twenty as good, and better, too, to show what ill luck I have. ..."

3. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable: Giving the Derivation, Source, Or Origin of by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (1898)
"Good luck was brought about by the agency of " his good genius," and ill luck by that of his " evil genius." Genius Loci (Latin). ..."

4. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages: Classified Subjectively and by Robert Christy (1887)
"ill luck. 1. Even ill luck is good for something in a wise man's hand. 2. He that has ill luck gets ill usage. Old fr. 3. He that has no ill luck grows ..."

5. The Living Age by Making of America Project, Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell (1868)
"I had the ill-luck to bowl him over in the hunting-field, and cost him a broken leg. I'd like to make all the excuses in my power to him. ..."

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