Definition of Ill humor

1. Noun. An angry and disagreeable mood.

Exact synonyms: Distemper, Ill Humour
Generic synonyms: Humor, Humour, Mood, Temper
Specialized synonyms: Moodiness, Choler, Crossness, Fretfulness, Fussiness, Irritability, Peevishness, Petulance
Antonyms: Good Humor

Definition of Ill humor

1. Noun. bad temper ¹

2. Noun. irritability or surliness ¹

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Literary usage of Ill humor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of California by Theodore Henry Hittell (1898)
"A strange exhibition of his ill humor took place in his further intercourse or rather want of intercourse with Anza. It will be recollected that when Anza ..."

2. The Cyclopædia of Wit and Humor: Containing Choice and Characteristic by William Evans Burton (1859)
"... without the least danger of being prosecuted by the family of Monsieur M , or being received by me with ill humor, for I shall laugh at you terribly. ..."

3. Arctic Researches, and Life Among the Esquimaux: Being the Narrative of an by Charles Francis Hall (1865)
"An Innu- it's ill Humor.—His savage Attack on his Wife.—Another Walk to the Falls.— Picturesque Scenery.—Greenwood's Land.—Reindeer. ..."

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