Definition of Genus Viburnum

1. Noun. Deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees: arrow-wood; wayfaring tree.

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Literary usage of Genus Viburnum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Shrubs of Northeastern America by Charles Stedman Newhall (1893)
"Bush Honeysuckle, page 150. Marsh Elder, page 154. Sweet Fern, page 205. cS Mt. Maple, page 66. genus Viburnum in part (Cranberry Tree, ..."

2. Journal of Materia Medica (1878)
"The genus Viburnum, which belongs to the natural order ... characters were such as to lead to the supposition that it might belong to the genus Viburnum, ..."

3. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1903)
"The genus Viburnum has been heretofore unrepresented in the flora of the ancient Atlantic coastal plain, the species Viburnum integrifolia referred by ..."

4. Favourite Flowers of Garden and Greenhouse by Edward Step (1897)
"GENUS Viburnum VIBURNUM (the classical Latin name). A genus with about eighty species of trees and shrubs, having leaves toothed, usually opposite, ..."

5. Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge by Charles Knight (1843)
"Several other North American species of the genus Viburnum have been lately introduced as ornamental shrubs into British gardens ; amongst them are the ..."

6. Forestry in Minnesota by Samuel Bowdlear Green, Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota (1902)
"Genus VIBURNUM. Small trees or shrubs with simple opposite leaves. Flowers perfect or neutral; calyx equally five-toothed, persistent; corolla five-lobed; ..."

7. Our Trees, how to Know Them by Clarence Moores Weed (1918)
"There are a number of interesting shrubs belonging to the genus Viburnum: of these the Hobble- bush or American Wayfaring Tree is one of the most important. ..."

8. A Manual of Palaeontology for the Use of Students with a General by Henry Alleyne Nicholson, Richard Lydekker (1889)
"... the widely-spread genus Viburnum is represented by a number of species in the Laramie Cretaceous, and less commonly in the Tertiaries. ..."

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