Definition of Closed couplet

1. Noun. A rhymed couplet that forms a complete syntactic unit.

Generic synonyms: Couplet

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Literary usage of Closed couplet

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Introduction to Poetry by Jay Broadus Hubbell, John Owen Beaty (1922)
"In the "closed" couplet, as it is called, each couplet is a thought unit. ... The typical "closed" couplet is illustrated by Pope's pithy lines, ..."

2. English Metres by William Strunk (1922)
"This was called the "closed couplet." Pope, indeed, had trained himself to think ... 317-330), he defies the tradition of the closed couplet by grouping the ..."

3. English Literature by William Joseph Long (1919)
"Soon this mechanical closed couplet, in which the second line was often made first,3 almost excluded all other forms of poetry. It was dominant in England ..."

4. The Elements of English Versification by James Wilson Bright, Raymond Durbin Miller (1910)
"The strict, or closed, couplet is characteristic of the verse of the eighteenth century; it especially distinguishes the poetry of Dryden, Pope, Johnson, ..."

5. A History of English Prosody from the Twelfth Century to the Present Day by George Saintsbury (1908)
"To this last characteristic, indeed, he always more or less adhered—in fact, it was closely connected with his mastery of the closed couplet. ..."

6. Formative Types in English Poetry: The Earl Lectures of 1917 by George Herbert Palmer (1918)
"In this way he introduces a delicate music into his verse and brings out all the limited capacity of the closed couplet. No wonder that such a man who in ..."

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