Definition of English springer

1. Noun. A breed having typically a black-and-white coat.

Exact synonyms: English Springer Spaniel
Generic synonyms: Springer, Springer Spaniel

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Literary usage of English springer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Complete Dog Book by William A. Bruette (1922)
"THE English springer This is probably the prototype of the whole of the sporting ... It is probably incorrect to say that the old English springer has ever ..."

2. British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury (1903)
"The Society has not yet officially promulgated a description of the English Springer, but it cannot differ greatly from the following :— Skull. ..."

3. The Twentieth Century Dog by Herbert Compton (1904)
"The English water spaniel of the nineteenth century was almost certainly produced by a cross between the water-dog and the English springer spaniel, with, ..."

4. A Dictionary of Sports: Or, Companion to the Field, the Forest, and the by Harry Harewood (1835)
"... he. true English springer differs >ut little in figure from the setter, except in size; varying only in a small degree, if any, from a red, yellow, ..."

5. Sporting Magazine edited by [Anonymus AC02751662] (1808)
"TRIM—(AN ETCHING) "DRED at Thorney, in Notting- hamshire, from a beautiful old English springer, which he much resembles, and whose death has now left the ..."

6. Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes (1896)
"1807 (4) An old English springer, bred at Thorney, Nottinghamshire, belonging to NG Nevill, Esq., etched by HR Cook—Wild Boar- hounds, the property of the ..."

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