Definition of Tip sheet

1. Noun. A publication containing the latest information or tips or predictions for a particular business or stock market information or horse racing results, etc..

Generic synonyms: Publication
Specialized synonyms: Dope Sheet, Scratch Sheet

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Literary usage of Tip sheet

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Decision-Maker's Guide to Solid-Waste Managementby Philip R. O'Leary by Philip R. O'Leary (1999)
"... for Reducing Business Solid Waste WasteWise tip sheet: Facility Waste Assessments WasteWise tip sheet: Waste Prevention WasteWise tip sheet: WasteWise ..."

2. Source Book of Sustainable Agriculture for Educators, Producers and Other edited by Valerie Berton (1998)
"The summer issue is mailed as a companion piece and tip sheet with the Research and Education Call for Preproposals. The autumn issue highlights outstanding ..."

3. Global Infatuation: Explorations in Transnational Publishing and Texts : the by Eva Hemmungs Wirtén (1998)
"Occasionally assisting the editor in deciding on a book without reading it herself or letting someone else do it for her, the "tip-sheet" often boils down ..."

4. The Living Age by Making of America Project, Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell (1844)
"Start getting our private tip-sheet next week — simply mail the coupon below. Yours truly, The Editors THE FOREIGN OBSERVER THE FOREIGN OBSERVER «-» 420 ..."

5. Acquiring Wings by William Bushnell Stout (1917)
"Theoretically, the wing with the highest aspect ratio is most efficient, as there is less loss at the wing tip. Sheet 4 shows the theory of wing tip loss by ..."

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