Definition of State

1. Noun. The territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation. "His state is in the deep south"

2. Verb. Express in words. "They state that there was a traffic accident "; "State your name"

3. Noun. The way something is with respect to its main attributes. "In a weak financial state"

4. Verb. Put before. "They state that there was a traffic accident "; "I submit to you that the accused is guilty"
Exact synonyms: Posit, Put Forward, Submit
Generic synonyms: Advise, Propose, Suggest
Derivative terms: Statement, Statement, Submission

5. Noun. The group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state. "The state has lowered its income tax"
Generic synonyms: Authorities, Government, Regime
Specialized synonyms: Soviets, Welfare State

6. Verb. Indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.. "Can you express this distance in kilometers?"
Exact synonyms: Express
Generic synonyms: Denote, Refer
Specialized synonyms: Vote, Vote
Derivative terms: Expressible

7. Noun. A politically organized body of people under a single government. "An industrialized land"

8. Noun. (chemistry) the three traditional states of matter are solids (fixed shape and volume) and liquids (fixed volume and shaped by the container) and gases (filling the container). "The solid state of water is called ice"
Exact synonyms: State Of Matter
Category relationships: Chemical Science, Chemistry
Generic synonyms: Chemical Phenomenon
Specialized synonyms: Form, Phase, Liquid, Liquid State, Liquidity, Liquidness, Solid, Solid State, Solidness, Gas, Gaseous State, Plasma
Attributes: Solid, Liquid, Gaseous

9. Noun. A state of depression or agitation. "He was in such a state you just couldn't reason with him"
Language type: Colloquialism
Generic synonyms: Emotional State, Spirit

10. Noun. The territory occupied by a nation. "He visited several European countries"
Exact synonyms: Country, Land
Generic synonyms: Administrative District, Administrative Division, Territorial Division
Specialized synonyms: Banana Republic, Country Of Origin, Fatherland, Homeland, Mother Country, Motherland, Native Land, Buffer Country, Buffer State, Kingdom, Tax Haven, European Country, European Nation, African Country, African Nation, Asian Country, Asian Nation, South American Country, South American Nation, North American Country, North American Nation, Sultanate
Member holonyms: Department, Province
Terms within: Demesne, Domain, Land, Midland
Specialized synonyms: Antigua And Barbuda, Cape Verde, Republic Of Cape Verde, Ceylon, Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Comoros, Federal Islamic Republic Of The Comoros, Cuba, Republic Of Cuba, Haiti, Republic Of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago, Trinidad And Tobago, Cyprus, Republic Of Cyprus, Commonwealth Of Dominica, Dominica, East Timor, Fiji, Republic Of Fiji, Israel, Sion, State Of Israel, Yisrael, Zion, Etruria, Australia, Commonwealth Of Australia, Federated States Of Micronesia, Micronesia, Tt, Marshall Islands, Republic Of The Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Republic Of Kiribati, Nauru, Republic Of Nauru, Independent State Of Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Bahama Islands, Bahamas, Commonwealth Of The Bahamas, Burkina Faso, Upper Volta, Dutch East Indies, Indonesia, Republic Of Indonesia, Grenada, Maldives, Republic Of Maldives, Malta, Republic Of Malta, Mauritius, Republic Of Mauritius, New Zealand, Palau, Republic Of Palau, Tt, Philippines, Republic Of The Philippines, Federation Of Saint Kitts And Nevis, Saint Christopher-nevis, Saint Kitts And Nevis, St. Christopher-nevis, St. Kitts And Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Lucia, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, St. Vincent And The Grenadines, Independent State Of Samoa, Samoa, Samoa I Sisifo, Western Samoa, Democratic Republic Of Sao Tome And Principe, Sao Thome E Principe, Sao Tome And Principe, Sao Tome E Principe, St. Thomas And Principe, Republic Of Seychelles, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Rus, Russia, Soviet Union, Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, Ussr, Russia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Ukrayina, Turkmen, Turkmenia, Turkmenistan, Turkomen, Friendly Islands, Kingdom Of Tonga, Tonga, Republic Of Turkey, Turkey, New Hebrides, Republic Of Vanuatu, Vanuatu

11. Noun. The federal department in the United States that sets and maintains foreign policies. "The Department of State was created in 1789"

Definition of State

1. n. The circumstances or condition of a being or thing at any given time.

2. a. Stately.

3. v. t. To set; to settle; to establish.

4. n. A statement; also, a document containing a statement.

Definition of State

1. Proper noun. State University, as the shortened form of any public university name. ¹

2. Noun. Any sovereign polity. A government. ¹

3. Noun. A political division of a federation retaining a degree of autonomy, for example one of the fifty United States. See also Province. ¹

4. Noun. A condition. ¹

5. Noun. Pomp, ceremony, or dignity. ¹

6. Noun. (computing) The stable condition of a processor during a particular clock cycle. ¹

7. Noun. (computing) The set of all parameters relevant to a computation. ¹

8. Noun. (computing) The values of all parameters at some point in a computation. ¹

9. Noun. (anthropology) A society larger than a tribe. A society large enough to form a state in the sense of a government. ¹

10. Noun. (science) The physical property of matter as solid, liquid, gas or plasma ¹

11. Noun. (mathematics stochastic processes) an element of the range of the random variables that define a random process. ¹

12. Noun. (obsolete) A great person, a dignitary; a lord or prince. ¹

13. Verb. (transitive) To declare to be a fact. ¹

14. Verb. (transitive) To make known. ¹

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Definition of State

1. to set forth in words [v STATED, STATING, STATES]

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