Definition of Serial

1. Noun. A serialized set of programs. "The Masterworks concert series"

Exact synonyms: Series
Generic synonyms: Broadcast, Program, Programme
Terms within: Episode, Installment, Instalment
Specialized synonyms: Soap Opera, Tetralogy

2. Adjective. In regular succession without gaps. "Serial concerts"
Exact synonyms: Consecutive, Sequent, Sequential, Successive
Similar to: Ordered
Derivative terms: Sequence, Sequence, Series, Succeed, Successiveness

3. Noun. A periodical that appears at scheduled times.
Exact synonyms: Serial Publication, Series
Terms within: Installment, Instalment
Generic synonyms: Periodical
Specialized synonyms: Semiweekly, Weekly, Semimonthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bimonthly, Biweekly
Member holonyms: Issue, Number

4. Adjective. Pertaining to or composed in serial technique. "Serial music"
Category relationships: Music
Partainyms: Serialism
Derivative terms: Series

5. Adjective. Pertaining to or occurring in or producing a series. "Serial publication"
Partainyms: Series
Derivative terms: Series

6. Adjective. Of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations. "Serial processing"
Exact synonyms: In Series, Nonparallel
Category relationships: Computer Science, Computing
Similar to: Asynchronous
Derivative terms: Series

Definition of Serial

1. a. Of or pertaining to a series; consisting of a series; appearing in successive parts or numbers; as, a serial work or publication.

2. n. A publication appearing in a series or succession of part; a tale, or other writing, published in successive numbers of a periodical.

Definition of Serial

1. Adjective. Having to do with or arranged in a series. ¹

2. Adjective. Published or produced in installments. ¹

3. Noun. A work, as a work of fiction, published in installments, often numbered and without a specified end. ¹

4. Noun. (computing slang) A serial number required to activate software. ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Serial

1. a literary or dramatic work presented in successive installments [n -S]

Medical Definition of Serial

1. 1. Of or pertaining to a series; consisting of a series; appearing in successive parts or numbers; as, a serial work or publication. "Classification . . . May be more or less serial." 2. Of or pertaining to rows. Serial homology. See Symmetry. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Serial

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Accountancty of Investment by Charles Ezra Sprague, Leroy L. Perrine (1914)
"Problem in Valuation of serial Bonds (64) A city issues ten 4% bonds for $10000 each, A&O, on April 1, 1914, maturing as follows: $10000 on April 1, 1916; ..."

2. Numbers Universalized: An Advanced Algebra by David Martin Sensenig (1890)
"serial FUNCTIONS. i. Definitions. 562. Any expression containing a variable is called ... Any series containing variable terms is called a serial function. ..."

3. Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900 by Royal Society (Great Britain), Herbert McLeod (1912)
"The date following the title of a serial indicates the year of publication of the first volume ; if a second date is given it marks the termination of the ..."

4. Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries for the Fiscal Year ... and Special by United States Bureau of Fisheries (1907)
"serial No. 485. Description of a new species of ... Bulletin, vol. xxn, 1902, p. 45-64, pl. 9. 1903. pl. 3-7. 1903. serial ..."

5. Little Folks' Land: The Story of a Little Boy in a Big World by Madge Alford Bigham (1907)
"Illustration—serial story, Little Folks' Land. Points developed—Co-operation and interdependence, traced as follows: /. The building of a house. 2. ..."

6. Bulletin by Washington Geological Survey (1911)
"serial Number 168. This specimen was taken from one of the outcrops on ... serial Number 169. This sample was taken from a quarry located less than a mile ..."

7. The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: Or, The Preservation of by Charles Darwin (1900)
"... of the same class in their homologous organs, to whatever purpose applied; or to the serial and lateral homologies in each individual animal and plant. ..."

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