Definition of Scratch paper

1. Noun. Pad for preliminary or hasty writing or notes or sketches etc. "Scribbling block"

Exact synonyms: Scratch Pad, Scribbling Block
Generic synonyms: Notepad

Definition of Scratch paper

1. Noun. Paper used for preliminary work on a (for example mathematics) problem, considered ephemeral. ¹

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Literary usage of Scratch paper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biennial Report by Colorado Civil Service Commission (1910)
"Use no scratch paper except that furnished by the examiner in charge and, on completing an examination sheet, hand him the scratch paper pertaining to that ..."

2. Minutes and Testimony of the Joint Legislative Committee Appointed to by New York (State), Legislature (1916)
"A. With scratch paper, yes, sir, and that is what made us change to the slate. Q. You have, we will say, filled up a slate and gone over on a scratch paper ..."

3. American Police Administration: A Handbook on Police Organization and by Elmer Diedrich Graper (1921)
"Geography and civil government .5 Weight of 4 >• Weight of 2 Weight of I Total 10 9—Pencil and scratch paper may be used for preliminary work, ..."

4. Commercial Catalogue Compiling: "How to ʻbuild' a Catalogue" by Seymour W. Waterhouse (1916)
"Scratch-paper should be kept at each desk fastened to an upright of the desk, ... This is the only practical way to keep scratch-paper, of which a large ..."

5. Manual of Examinations for Engineering Positions in the Service of the City by Myron H. Lewis (1906)
"Pencil and scratch paper furnished by the examiner may be used in preliminary work, ... Use no scratch paper except that furnished by the examiner, and, ..."

6. Mechanical Drafting by Harvey Willard Miller (1913)
"sketch roughly the letters of these two words on a piece of scratch paper, spacing liberally, Fig. 47; next place above each letter its width in unit spaces ..."

7. A Laboratory Guide for Histology: Laboratory Outlines for the Study of by Irving Hardesty, Adelebert Watts Lee (1908)
"Before commencing the procedure, however, the pencil's point must be dragged back and forth over some rough scratch-paper, in order to blunt it, ..."

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