Definition of Mental process

1. Noun. (psychology) the performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents. "The cognitive operation of remembering"

Exact synonyms: Cognitive Operation, Cognitive Process, Operation, Process
Generic synonyms: Cognition, Knowledge, Noesis
Specialized synonyms: Basic Cognitive Process, Higher Cognitive Process
Category relationships: Psychological Science, Psychology
Derivative terms: Operate

Medical Definition of Mental process

1. The prominence of the chin at the anterior part of the mandible. Synonym: protuberantia mentalis, mental process. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Mental process

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"mental process.— We must now ask how it is that a mental process differs ... If the mental process were in all respects the same as the chemical and the ..."

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"What are the conditions of a mental process? Some psychologists affirm that, as the mind is always found together with a living body, so it is always ..."

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"mental process in separating and abstracting them. The manner of expressing ourselves on the subject of ..."

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"5- mental process, Consciousness and Mind true to say that we cry because we are sorry ; our crying is the effect of certain nervous (that is, ..."

5. The Monist by Hegeler Institute (1911)
"A nervous process which is effective for consciousness may, however, occur without a mental process. The mental process, on the other hand, cannot occur ..."

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"The answers to these questions can be determined only by first noting what psychology can say about it as a mental process. In the first place, ..."

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