Definition of Mental hygiene

1. Noun. The branch of psychiatry concerned with psychological methods.

Definition of Mental hygiene

1. Noun. The concern and care for a 'clean', healthy (state of) mind (conscience and thought). ¹

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Medical Definition of Mental hygiene

1. The science and practice of maintaining and restoring mental health; a branch of early twentieth century psychiatry that has become an interdisciplinary field including subspecialties in psychology, nursing, social work, law, and other professions. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Mental hygiene

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"CHAPTER XVI mental hygiene Hygiene a suggestive tern* for psychology. ... The first maxim of mental hygiene is that the nervous system must be kept in a ..."

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"V. mental hygiene NEEDS OF A COMMUNITY The object of this study having been largely limited to a consideration of the social aspects of the treatment of the ..."

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