Definition of Lassen volcanic national park

1. Noun. A national park in California having mountains and volcanic lakes and hot springs.

Generic synonyms: National Park
Group relationships: Ca, Calif., California, Golden State

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Literary usage of Lassen volcanic national park

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Your National Parks by Enos Abijah Mills, Laurence Frederick Schmeckebier (1917)
"X lassen volcanic national park AN active volcano is the imposing exhibit in the lassen volcanic national park. The fiery Lassen Peak rises in the midst of ..."

2. The Great American Wilderness: Touring America's National Parks by Larry H. Ludmer (2000)
"lassen volcanic national park This is the nation's first volcanic national park. It contains not only the dormant 10457-foot Lassen Peak, but three other ..."

3. Federal Statutes Annotated: Containing All the Laws of the United States, of by United States, Edward Thompson Company (1918)
"V. lassen volcanic national park, 735. Act of Aug. 9, 1916, ch. 303, 735. Sec. 1. lassen volcanic national park — Creation — Boundaries, 735. ..."

4. The National Park Service: Its History, Activities, and Organization by Jenks Cameron (1922)
"L., 442)—An Act To establish the lassen volcanic national park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the State of California, and for other purposes. [SEC. ..."

5. Outdoor Heritage by Harold Child Bryant (1919)
"lassen volcanic national park Lassen Peak and its nearby cinder cone were considered of sufficient interest to be made national monuments during the Taft ..."

6. Tapping the Earths Natural Heat by Wendell A. Duffield, John H. Sass, Michael L. Sorey (1995)
"Such studies are being done at Long Valley Caldera and Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, ..."

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