Definition of Italian greyhound

1. Noun. A toy dog developed from the greyhound.

Generic synonyms: Greyhound

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Literary usage of Italian greyhound

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization by Georges Cuvier, Edward Griffith, Charles Hamilton Smith, Edward Pidgeon, John Edward Gray, George Robert Gray (1827)
"Body very thin, covered with long and thick hair; tail very long and twisted spirally. Sub-var. d. The italian greyhound, a ..."

2. The Illustrated Natural History by John George Wood (1865)
"In truth, the italian greyhound is but a dwarfed example of the true smooth Greyhound, dwarfed after the same manner that delights our Celestial friends, ..."

3. The Complete Dog Book by William A. Bruette (1922)
"THE italian greyhound The italian greyhound is a very old breed, descended from ... The delicate lines of the italian greyhound, their soft, pleading eyes, ..."

4. Original Poems by Jane Taylor, Ann Taylor, O'Keefe (Adelaide), James Davis Cooper (1868)
"THE italian greyhound. IGHTLY as the rose- leaves fall, By the zephyr scatter'd > round, Let thy feet, when thee I call, Patting softly touch the ground. ..."

5. My Life and Recollections by Grantley Fitzhardinge Berkeley (1865)
"... stolen deer—End of poor Tramp—Education of dogs— Lady Shelley's Italian greyhound—Attachment of birds— Perils of a sportsman—The slaughtered doe and her ..."

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