Definition of Genus Salmonella

1. Noun. A genus of bacteria.

Generic synonyms: Bacteria Genus
Group relationships: Enterobacteriaceae, Family Enterobacteriaceae
Member holonyms: Salmonella

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Literary usage of Genus Salmonella

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Comparative Pathology and Therapeutics (1888)
"... and of subgenus i of the genus Salmonella (Kauffmann, 1960). The organism was motile and produced acid and gas in glucose, mannitol, dulcitol, maltose, ..."

2. Guidelines for Water Reuse by DIANE Publishing Company (1992)
"Bacteria One of the most common pathogens found in municipal wastewater is the genus Salmonella. This group contains a wide variety of species that can ..."

3. Manual of Microbiologic Monitoring of Laboratory Animals by Kimberly Sue Waggie (1994)
"... Order: not known; Family: Enterobacteriaceae; Genus: Salmonella). Disease induced: Salmonellosis. a. Morphology: Gram-negative straight rods measuring ..."

4. Assessing Potential Ocean Pollutants: A Report of the Study Panel on by Ocean Affairs Board (1975)
"(1965) state that pathogenic bacteria of the genus Salmonella, which includes the causative agent of typhoid and other species which are commonly involved ..."

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