Definition of Genus Ranunculus

1. Noun. Annual, biennial or perennial herbs: buttercup; crowfoot.

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Literary usage of Genus Ranunculus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Logic of Definition: Explained and Applied by William Leslie Davidson (1885)
"Similarly with the genus Ranunculus. We find here a distinctively generic mark,—a mark that neither repeats ..."

2. Transactions of the Canadian Institute by Canadian Institute (1849-1914). (1899)
"It is probably not going too far to state as a result of the study of development that in the genus Ranunculus the pith is throughout ..."

3. An Analytical Dictionary of the English Language, in which the Words are by David Booth (1836)
"CROWFOOT is the English generic name of a tribe of plants which botanists include under the genus RANUNCULUS. Several of the species are appropriately named ..."

4. The Elements of Botany by Francis Darwin (1895)
"This relationship is technically expressed by saying that both plants belong to the genus Ranunculus, but that they are of different species:—for instance ..."

5. Gray's School and Field Book of Botany: Consisting of "First Lessons in by Asa Gray (1880)
"... a genus of the group taken as a representative of it For example, the order of which the Buttercup or Crowfoot genus, Ranunculus, is the representative, ..."

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