Definition of Reynolds

1. Noun. English portrait painter and first president of the Royal Academy (1723-1792).

Exact synonyms: Sir Joshua Reynolds
Generic synonyms: Painter

Definition of Reynolds

1. Proper noun. An English patronymic surname derived from Reynold. ¹

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Literary usage of Reynolds

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1919)
"That, when they got to Camden, Reynolds left her standing In the yard and ... That she did not know where Reynolds got the license, or whether he did get a ..."

2. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1920)
"Reynolds 1660 In Memory of William and Elizabeth Reynolds Their 4 months, 18 days. Ancestors and Descendants Erected by Thomas A. Reynolds 1904 J *At ..."

3. Notes and Queries by Martim de Albuquerque (1862)
"Sir James Reynolds, Lord Chief Justice of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas ... In a MS. pedigree of the Hatley and Reynolds families, two of the sons of ..."

4. Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran/Contra Affair by Lee H. Hamilton, Daniel K. Inouye (1995)
"According to Reynolds, sometime during the first hour of their review, Reynolds came ... Reynolds did not set aside either of these memorandums for copying. ..."

5. The Works of Alexander Hamilton by Alexander Hamilton (1904)
"THE Reynolds PAMPHLET Observations on Certain Documents contained in Nos. V. and VI. of The History of the United States for the Year 1796, ..."

6. The Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors by Charles Wells Moulton (1902)
"Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792 Born at Plympton Earl, Devonshire, July 16, ... In 1768 The Royal Academy was founded, with Reynolds as its first president. ..."

7. A.L.A. Portrait Index: Index to Portraits Contained in Printed Books and by American Library Association (1906)
"Sir J. Reynolds p. 1775* (as the Girl with the bunch of grapes) Reynolds, Engravings, 2:pl. 72. ... SW Reynolds eng. John, mayor of New Orleans. HARPER'S w. ..."

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