Definition of Chittagong

1. Noun. A port city and industrial center in southeastern Bangladesh on the Bay of Bengal.

Definition of Chittagong

1. Proper noun. A city in Bangladesh. ¹

2. Proper noun. One of the seven administrative divisions of Bangladesh. ¹

3. Proper noun. One of the eleven districts in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. ¹

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Literary usage of Chittagong

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Macmillan's Magazine by David Masson, George Grove, John Morley, Mowbray Morris (1889)
"THE HILL-TRIBES OF Chittagong. Tax military expedition sent by the Indian Government against the tribes who dwell in the hill-country between Chittagong and ..."

2. Universal Geography: Or a Description of All Parts of the World, on a New by Conrad Malte-Brun (1825)
"A considerable profit accrues to government from the elephants caught in the forests of Chittagong, which are possessed of excellent qualities, ..."

3. A Manual of Indian Timbers: An Account of the Growth, Distribution, and Uses by James Sykes Gamble (1902)
"Chooi, And., is a tall tree of Assam, Chittagong and the Andamans, where it is used in boat-building and for native bows and squares to 30 ft. by 15 in. ..."

4. The Land-systems of British India: Being a Manual of the Land-tenures and of by Baden Henry Baden-Powell (1892)
"Mr. HJS Cotton, some years ago, published a graphic memorandum on Chittagong Revenue-history1, and I cannot do better than substitute, for any abstract of ..."

5. Travels in South-eastern Asia: Embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam, and China by Howard Malcolm (1839)
"I embarked, November 27, 1836, from Calcutta for Chittagong. ... Chittagong, or Islam-a-bad', is situated on arid among small abrupt hills, which furnish ..."

6. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General by Thomas Spencer Baynes (1833)
"The climate of Chittagong is comparatively cool, owing to the sea breeze which prevails during the day ; but for the same reason, the atmosphère is very ..."

7. The History of British India by James Mill, Horace Hayman Wilson (1848)
"Rebel Leaders defeated, — take Refuge in Chittagong,— demanded by the Burmas, —seized by the Magistrate, ... Outrages on the Chittagong Frontier Claim to ..."

8. Travels in South-eastern Asia: Embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam, and China by Howard Malcom (1839)
"THERE being no mode of getting into the Arracan and Chittagong provinces but ... Chittagong, or Islam-a-bad', is situated on and among small abrupt hills, ..."

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