Definition of Big Bill Haywood

1. Noun. United States labor leader and militant socialist who was one of the founders of the Industrial Workers of the World (1869-1928).

Exact synonyms: Haywood, William Dudley Haywood
Generic synonyms: Labor Leader, Socialist

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Literary usage of Big Bill Haywood

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bolshevism: Its Cure by Goldstein, David (1919)
"... the Moyer-Haywood meet- tings " which contributed in no slight degree to the discharge of the murder case against their idol — " Big Bill" Haywood. ..."

2. Russian Refugees in France and the United States Between the World Wars by James E. Hassell (1991)
"But the union had been founded in Chicago in 1905 by such well-known American labor leaders as William D. (Big Bill) Haywood, Vincent St. John, ..."

3. The Web by Emerson Hough (1919)
""Big Bill" Haywood, the IWW leader, execrated "military preparedness." He called sabotage—that is to say, secret industrial wrecking—the "weapon of the ..."

4. Russia from the American Embassy, April, 1916-November, 1918 by David Rowland Francis (1922)
"The IWW chief, "Big Bill" Haywood, has gone to Russia and forfeited his bond by doing so; I was told by a well- ..."

5. The Common Cause by John R. Meader (1911)
"... country to the other "Big Bill" Haywood sped, making his promises of "more pay" and predicting the early dawn of the day when the worker ..."

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