Definition of Antarctica

1. Noun. An extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an ice cap up to 13,000 feet deep. "Antarctica is twice the size of Australia"

Definition of Antarctica

1. Proper noun. The southernmost continent, south of the Southern Ocean, containing the South Pole. ¹

2. Proper noun. The wider South Polar region comprising the Antarctic Continent as well as the adjacent Antarctic and Subantarctic islands, and the Southern Ocean waters situated south of the Antarctic Convergence. ¹

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Literary usage of Antarctica

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1900)
"If we can draw a parallel with the adaptive radiation of the CHAET III.—Restoration of Antarctica by elevation to the 3040 ..."

2. Environmental Performance Reviews by OECD Staff (1998)
"The treaty promotes scientific co-operation and the use of Antarctica ... In 1936 Australia claimed territorial sovereignty over 42 per cent of Antarctica, ..."

3. Permafrost: North American Contribution [to The] Second International Conference by Building Research Advisory Board Staff (1973)
"Soils of continental Antarctica are of the desert type; ie, they are devoid of an organic surficial layer, display coarse textures, are extremely dry, ..."

4. Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars by National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars, National Research Council (U.S.). Space Studies Board, National Research Council (U.S.). Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences (2006)
"SOS Orange (hypersaline pond—McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica) r ... Antarctica) 5' o cr 03 O <D 0.10 03' FIGURE 5.3 Phylogenetic analysis of bacteria obtained ..."

5. Earth Features and Their Meaning: An Introduction to Geology for the Student by William Herbert Hobbs (1912)
"314) is left behind the outwash plain and in front of the moraine which is built up at the next halting place. The continental glacier of Antarctica. ..."

6. The Geographical Journal by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain). (1903)
"D. Antarctica is the hypothetical Antarctic continent, and Mr. Balch seems to have set out in his task of discovering its discoverer with the determination ..."

7. The Heart of the Antarctic: Being the Story of the British Antarctic by Ernest Henry Shackleton, Hugh Robert Mill, Tannatt William Edgeworth David (1909)
"The only determinable fossil as yet found in the great Beacon sandstone formation of Antarctica, the piece of coniferous wood, figured in these notes, ..."

8. America on the Ice: Antarctic Policy Issues by Frank G. Klotz (1998)
"Antarctica was what international lawyers refer to as terra nullius—literally, nobody's land.1 In the years following its discovery, several countries ..."

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