Definition of Military police

1. Noun. A military corps that enforces discipline and guards prisoners.

Exact synonyms: Mp
Category relationships: Armed Forces, Armed Services, Military, Military Machine, War Machine
Generic synonyms: Force, Personnel
Specialized synonyms: Shore Patrol
Member holonyms: Military Policeman, Mp

Definition of Military police

1. Noun. A unit of a military organization whose duty is to police that particular organization. They are in charge of law enforcement on military property, and of military personnel. ¹

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Literary usage of Military police

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Police Brutality in Urban Brazil by James Cavallaro (1997)
"When completed according to the law, military police inquiries often include ... An official note of November 3, 1994, issued by the Rio military police, ..."

2. A Source-book of Military Law and War-time Legislation by John Henry Wigmore, United States War Dept. Committee on Education and Special Training (1919)
"JURISDICTION OF military police OVER CIVILIANS Army II F. March 21, 1918. ... The military authorities have no power to order the military police or any ..."

3. Cambodia at War by Dinah PoKempner, Human Rights Watch/Asia, Arms Project (Human Rights Watch), Human Rights Watch (Organization) (1995)
"military police Abuses by military authorities are widely recognized as problems ... In 1994, a newly trained corps of military police began to be deployed ..."

4. Guide to U.S. Army Museums by R. Cody Phillips (1997)
"Address: US Army military police Corps Regimental Museum, ... Over the years, and usually in time of war, an ad hoc military police force was established to ..."

5. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann, Edward Aloysius Pace, Condé Bénoist Pallen, Thomas Joseph Shahan, John Joseph Wynne (1913)
"The United States Government respects the Moro custom of discarding the hat, by permitting the Moro Constabulary (military police) to wear a Turkish fez and ..."

6. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"military police constitute an organized and uniformed body of men attached to the army for the maintenance of civil order, as distinguished from military ..."

7. Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan by John Lloyd Stephens (1841)
"An embarrassing Situation. —The Constituent Assembly.—military police. AT peep of day I bathed in the Motagua. ..."

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