Definition of Judge advocate

1. Noun. An officer assigned to the judge advocate general.

2. Noun. A staff officer serving as legal adviser to a military commander.
Category relationships: Armed Forces, Armed Services, Military, Military Machine, War Machine
Generic synonyms: Staff Officer

Definition of Judge advocate

1. Noun. (American English) A commissioned officer acting as a lawyer to advise a court martial on points of law or to act as prosecutor. ¹

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Literary usage of Judge advocate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual for Courts-martial, Courts of Inquiry and of Other Procedure Under by United States War Dept (1916)
"advocate of a general or special court-martial or military commission, or the recorder of a court of inquiry. SECTION III. ASSISTANT judge advocate. 106. ..."

2. The Military Laws of the United States by United States, George Breckenridge Davis (1897)
"Thus the selection as judge- advocate of an officer who was m»t only a ... Where the judge- advocate had prepared the charges and was the accuser in the ..."

3. Guide to the Archives of the Government of the United States in Washington by Claude Halstead Van Tyne (1907)
"The office of Judge-Advocate of the Army was created in 1775 (Journals of ... The judge-advocate-general reviews and makes reports upon the proceed- 1 ..."

4. Military Laws of the United States (Army) by United States (1901)
"The judge-advocate, or some person deputed by him, or by the general or officer commanding the Army, detachment, or garrison, ..."

5. The General Principles of the Law of Evidence: In Their Application to the by Frank Sumner Rice (1894)
"Functions of the judge advocate.—"The judge advocate is the advising and prosecuting ... "He may be the judge advocate general, or a deputy judge advocate. ..."

6. Remarks on the Constitution and Practice of Courts Martial: With a Summary by Thomas Frederick Simmons (1863)
"(Signature of the judge advocate General.) (SEAL.) No. IX. Form of Warrant (Special)—Deputy judge advocate. By , judge advocate General of Her Majesty's ..."

7. The Judge Advocate's Vade Mecum: Embracing a General View of Military Law by Charles Henry Lee (1863)
"OF THE judge advocate. SEC. 33. We are now to consider the qualifications, ... It is evident, therefore, that in the selection of a judge advocate regard ..."

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