Definition of Accounts receivable

1. Noun. A creditor's accounts of money owed to him; normally arise from the sale of products or services.

Language type: Plural, Plural Form
Generic synonyms: Assets

Definition of Accounts receivable

1. Initialism. A/R ¹

2. Initialism. AR ¹

3. Noun. (plural of account receivable) ¹

4. Noun. (context: accounting usually pluralonly) The total monetary amount owed to a financial entity due to debts arising from sales on credit or on account. ¹

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Literary usage of Accounts receivable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Financial Organization of Society by Harold Glenn Moulton (1921)
"There are, however, at least two distinct types of financial enterprise which may be differentiated: (i) the purchase of accounts receivable from business ..."

2. The Applied Theory of Accounts by Paul-Joseph Esquerré (1914)
""accounts receivable" Before leaving the subject of customers' accounts, it may be well to call to the attention of the student the fact that the term ..."

3. The Science of Accounts: A Presentation of the Underlying Principles of by Harry Clark Bentley (1911)
"accounts receivable. accounts receivable DEBIT : At the close of each month ... Thi s debit should be the footing of the "accounts receivable" column of the ..."

4. Auditing Theory and Practice by Robert Hiester Montgomery (1912)
"accounts receivable without any explanation. He had secured a large line of credit based chiefly on his outstandings. Cr\~«-£, Investigation disclosed the ..."

5. Practical Bank Operation by Loyd Helvetius Langston, First National City Bank of New York (1921)
"accounts receivable Regarding the item of accounts receivable, it is important for the credit man to know which, if any, of the accounts included are those ..."

6. Convention by National Electric Light Association Convention, National Independent Meat Packers Association, University of Georgia College of Agriculture, University of Georgia Dept. of Food Science (1915)
"Current Assets Quick Assets 201 Cash 202 Notes Receivable 203 accounts receivable 204 Other Quick Assets Business Assets 205 Material and Supplies 206 ..."

7. Municipal Accounting by De Witt Carl Eggleston (1914)
"applied Surplus account equal to the difference between the accounts receivable and the temporary loans. The illustrative journal shows the net taxes ..."

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