Definition of Red Devil

1. Noun. Barbiturate that is a white odorless slightly bitter powder (trade name Seconal) used as a sodium salt for sedation and to treat convulsions.

Exact synonyms: Secobarbital, Secobarbital Sodium, Seconal
Generic synonyms: Barbiturate
Language type: Trade Name

Definition of Red Devil

1. Noun. (soccer) someone connected with Manchester United Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc. ¹

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Literary usage of Red Devil

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Manual Training Magazine (1914)
"Experienced glaziers throughout the world use "Red Devil" Glass Cutters ... If you cut glass of any kind, we want you to use a "Red Devil" glass cutter. ..."

2. The Life of Sir Halliday Macartney, K. C. M. G.: Commander of Li Hung Chang by Demetrius Charles de Kavanagh Boulger, James Crichton-Browne (1908)
"... Some reminiscences — Adventure at Nanking — The "Red Devil"—Lar Wang's family—An act of humanity—The Chinese marriage —A Taeping princess—An instructive ..."

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