Definition of Leyte Island

1. Noun. A battle in World War II; the return of United States troops to the Philippines began with landings on Leyte Island in October 1944; the battle marked first use of kamikaze aircraft by the Japanese.

Exact synonyms: Leyte, Leyte Invasion
Generic synonyms: Amphibious Assault
Group relationships: Second World War, World War 2, World War Ii
Geographical relationships: Philippine Islands, Philippines

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Literary usage of Leyte Island

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Gems of the East: Sixteen Thousand Miles of Research Travel Among Wild by Arnold Henry Savage Landor (1904)
"This was the capital of Leyte Island. The roads, except a dozen miles or so near Tacloban, were in a deplorable condition, and land communication difficult ..."

2. The Philippine Islands: A Political, Geographical, Ethnographical, Social by John Foreman (1899)
"Leyte Island ranks second, if not now equal, to Albay Province in quantity of hemp production. The average yield per annum during the years 1888 to 1897 ..."

3. The Birds of North and Middle America: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Higher by Robert Ridgway (1919)
"... Leyte Island, Philippines); Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1877, 550 (Zamboanga, Philippines); Voy. 'Challenger,' ii, Bird?, 1881, 23 (Zamboanga; Mindanao). ..."

4. General Kenney Reports: A Personal History of the Pacific War by George C. Kenney (1997)
"... MacArthur ordered Eichelberger, whose 8th Army forces had taken over the mopping-up job on Leyte Island from Krueger's 6th Army, to effect a landing at ..."

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