Definition of American merganser

1. Noun. Common North American diving duck considered a variety of the European goosander.

Exact synonyms: Mergus Merganser Americanus
Group relationships: Genus Mergus, Mergus
Generic synonyms: Fish Duck, Merganser, Sawbill, Sheldrake

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Literary usage of American merganser

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Guide to the Systematic Use of the North American Bird and Nature Study: A by Harold Brough Shinn, Gerard Alan Abbott (1912)
"American merganser. 25 in. The American merganser, commonly known as the merganser, is larger than the red-breasted or hooded. The mergansers are common ..."

2. The Ottawa Naturalist by Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (1903)
"The eggs are smaller than those of the American merganser and of a darker tint, being yellowish- drab or warm drab ; average size 2.50 x 1.70. ..."

3. The Birds of Essex County, Massachusetts by Charles Wendell Townsend (1905)
"The American merganser is essentially a fresh-water bird, ... In habits, the American merganser closely resembles the Red-breasted Merganser, from which it ..."

4. Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania: With Special Reference to the Food by Benjamin Harry Warren (1890)
"American merganser; Goosander; Fish-duck ; Sheldrake. DESCRIPTION. ... The American Merganser is the most abundant of the three species inhabiting this ..."

5. The Birds of Maine: With Key to and Description of the Various Species Known by Ora Willis Knight (1908)
"American merganser. 2. Feathering at base of upper mandible on sides forming a distinct prominent ..."

6. The Naturalist of the Saint Croix: Memoir of George A. Boardman by Samuel Lane Boardman (1903)
"One of these was that of the large Sheldrake ; another that of the Canada Jay; another that of the Crossbill; another that of the American merganser. ..."

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