Definition of American lobster

1. Noun. Flesh of cold-water lobsters having large tender claws; caught from Maine to the Carolinas.

Exact synonyms: Maine Lobster, Northern Lobster
Group relationships: Homarus Americanus, Maine Lobster, Northern Lobster
Generic synonyms: Lobster

2. Noun. Lobster of Atlantic coast of America.
Exact synonyms: Homarus Americanus, Maine Lobster, Northern Lobster
Generic synonyms: True Lobster
Group relationships: Genus Homarus, Homarus
Terms within: Maine Lobster, Northern Lobster

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Literary usage of American lobster

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences by Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences (1873)
"The following account of the development of the American lobster during its free-swimming stages is one of the results of the facilities for collecting and ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1912)
"In the American lobster the rostrum is serrate with fewer and larger teeth; there is usually a spine on its under side near the apex, which extends ..."

3. The U. S. Coal Industry, 1970-1990: Two Decades of Change (1992)
"Historically, more underwater studies have been conducted on the American lobster of the New England coast than on any other single species of shellfish. ..."

4. Morphology of Invertebrate Types by Alexander Ivanovitch Petrunkevitch (1916)
"Specimens of the American lobster may be obtained from the Woods Hole Marine ... Descriptive Part Homarus americanus or the common American lobster is a ..."

5. Introduction to Zoology: A Guide to the Study of Animals ; for the Use of by Charles Benedict Davenport, Gertrude Anna Crotty Davenport (1902)
"Formerly the American lobster attained the greater size, but the excessive catches of our species in the last few years are rapidly doing away with this ..."

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