Definition of Trigged

1. trig [v] - See also: trig

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Literary usage of Trigged

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Publications by English Dialect Society (1894)
"A contracted sinew is said to be trigged. A nut screwed up until it is quite tight is also said to be trigged. " Trig as a lennard " (spruce as a linnet). ..."

2. Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial by Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (1901)
"The casting was not trigged upon the truck, and was of such a shape as to roll off easily. The wheels of the truck were not trigged; ..."

3. A Treatise on the Law of the Employers' Liability Acts of New York by Conrad Reno (1903)
"The jury may have found from the evidence that, if the wheels of the wagon had been more securely trigged or scotched, it would not have moved forward from ..."

4. The American and English Railroad Cases: A Collection of All Cases Affecting by Frank Cyrus Smith, Thomas Johnson Michie, United States Courts, Great Britain Courts, Canada Courts (1904)
"Although it is admitted by the defendant's witnesses that the track was so constructed that cars kicked back or knocked ahead would, unless trigged, ..."

5. Southern Law Review and Chart of the Southern Law and Collection Union by William S. Hein & Company (1880)
"The casting was not trigged upon the truck, and was of such a shape as to roll off ... The wheels of the truck were not trigged, and when it was put in the ..."

6. A Glossary of Berkshire Words and Phrases by Barzillai Lowsley, Job Lowsley (1888)
"trigged OUT.—Dressed very gaily. A girl when going to a fair is said to be " trigged out in her best." TRIM. — The expression "trim one's jacket" means to ..."

7. Glossary of Northamptonshire Words and Phrases by Anne Elizabeth Baker (1854)
"trigged. Dressed out fine. " How she is trigged out! " Said of a young person bedecked in her best. " She is going to trig herself out. ..."

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