Definition of Toy box

1. Noun. Chest for storage of toys.

Exact synonyms: Toy Chest
Generic synonyms: Chest

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Literary usage of Toy box

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Basic Math Skills, Grade 1 by Jo Ellen Moore (2003)
"Cut and paste. Put each thing in the correct box. toy box Toolbox Sort objects and data by common attributes and describe the categories ..."

2. Opera Stories ...: In a Few Words, the Stories (divided Into Acts) of about by Henry Lowell Mason (1920)
"TOY-BOX This story takes place in a toy-box, and toy-boxes ... The frivolous Punchinello becomes a forester, and life runs merrily on in the toy-box. ..."

3. Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, 1620-1720: Including Colonial Utensils and by Wallace Nutting (1921)
"We can call it a toy box. Its entire surface is covered with carving in the Friesian manner. The body of the box is worked out from a single piece of wood, ..."

4. A Memoir of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Adoniram Judson by Francis Wayland (1853)
"I send Elnathan the toy box that I promised. It is really good for nothing; ... In the toy box you will find two penknives; one for each of you. ..."

5. Harper's New Monthly Magazine by Henry Mills Alden (1883)
"... to build them at once and for all time, and be done with it— model villages, in fact, from the toy-box little church to the toy-box little pig-sty, ..."

6. Phonics Centers Level A by Jo Ellen Moore, Jill Norris (2004)
"They place the card in the toy box with the letter that matches that sound. Independently The student places the blocks in the toy box according to the ..."

7. Sketching rambles in Holland by George Henry Boughton (1885)
"... and be done with it — model villages, in fact, from the toy-box little church to the toy-box little pig-sty, all turned out of the same mill. ..."

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