Definition of Town

1. Noun. An urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city. "They drive through town on their way to work"

Terms within: City Limit, City Limits
Generic synonyms: Municipality
Specialized synonyms: Burg, Boom Town, Cow Town, Cowtown, Ghost Town, Hometown, Main Street, Market Town
Specialized synonyms: Jalalabad, Batna, Djanet, Hippo, Hippo Regius, Reggane, Timgad, Timimoun, Nogales, Santa Maria Del Tule, Pilsen, Plzen, Austerlitz, Viborg, Hamelin, Hameln, Hohenlinden, Massawa, Maarianhamina, Mariehamn, Cnossos, Cnossus, Knossos, Actium, Plataea, Stagira, Stagirus, Accho, Acre, Akka, Akko, Nazareth, Bayt Lahm, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Ephrathah, Bethlehem-judah, Anzio, Tibur, Tivoli, Acragas, Agrigento, Nanaimo, Churchill, Yellowknife, Kingston, Sault Sainte Marie, Dawson, Wagga Wagga, Wagram, Aalst, Waterloo, Bath, Blackpool, Stratford-on-avon, Stratford-upon-avon, Sunderland, Hastings, Canterbury, Naseby, Bangor, Tara, Ayr, Aberdare, Bangor, Nag Hammadi, Sakkara, Saqqara, Saqqarah, Avignon, Calais, Chablis, Chartres, Cherbourg, Dunkerque, Dunkirk, Valenciennes, Vichy, Vienne, Thule, Monte Carlo, El Aaium, Cusco, Cuzco, Dhahran, Lubavitch, Interlaken, Abydos, Antakiya, Antakya, Antioch, Chalcedon, Kadikoy, Entebbe, Decatur, Gadsden, Selma, Tuscaloosa, Tuskegee, Nome, Sitka, Skagway, Flagstaff, Nogales, Prescott, Yuma, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Hot Springs, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Texarkana, Barstow, Eureka, Monterey, Palo Alto, Redding, San Mateo, San Pablo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Boulder, Farmington, New London, Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Gainesville, Key West, Melbourne, Palm Beach, Panama City, Pensacola, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Albany, Athens, Brunswick, Oxford, Valdosta, Vidalia, Hilo, Coeur D'alene, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Nampa, Pocatello, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Cairo, Carbondale, Champaign, East Saint Louis, Moline, Rock Island, Urbana, Bloomington, Lafayette, Muncie, Council Bluffs, Clinton, Dubuque, Mason City, Ottumwa, Dodge City, Abilene, Hays, Lawrence, Salina, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Paducah, Alexandria, Lafayette, Monroe, Morgan City, Bangor, Brunswick, Lewiston, Orono, Aberdeen, Frederick, Hagerstown, Concord, Gloucester, Lexington, Medford, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Williamstown, Alpena, Houghton, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Marquette, Monroe, Saginaw, Traverse City, Bemidji, Hibbing, Mankato, Rochester, Saint Cloud, St. Cloud, Virginia, Biloxi, Columbus, Greenville, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Natchez, Tupelo, Vicksburg, Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Hannibal, Poplar Bluff, Saint Joseph, St. Joseph, Sedalia, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Missoula, Grand Island, North Platte, Portsmouth, Morristown, New Brunswick, Princeton, Carlsbad, Farmington, Gallup, Las Cruces, Los Alamos, Roswell, Silver City, Taos, Cooperstown, Ithaca, Elmont, Kingston, Newburgh, Saratoga Springs, Watertown, Asheville, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Wilmington, Athens, Mansfield, Bartlesville, Enid, Lawton, Mcalester, Muskogee, Bend, Klamath Falls, Medford, Altoona, Bethlehem, Gettysburg, Hershey, Florence, Greenville, Aberdeen, Rapid City, Columbia, Jackson, Johnson City, Bryan, Del Rio, Galveston, Lufkin, Mcallen, Midland, Paris, San Angelo, Sherman, Texarkana, Tyler, Victoria, Ogden, Bennington, Brattleboro, Rutland, Blacksburg, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Aberdeen, Bellingham, Kennewick, Vancouver, Walla Walla, Yakima, Fayetteville, Harper's Ferry, Harpers Ferry, Appleton, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Superior, Watertown, Wausau, Jackson, Lander, Laramie, Rock Springs
Derivative terms: Township

2. Noun. The people living in a municipality smaller than a city. "The whole town cheered the team"
Exact synonyms: Townsfolk, Townspeople
Generic synonyms: Municipality
Specialized synonyms: Borough

3. Noun. An administrative division of a county. "The town is responsible for snow removal"
Exact synonyms: Township
Generic synonyms: Administrative District, Administrative Division, Territorial Division
Derivative terms: Township

4. Noun. United States architect who was noted for his design and construction of truss bridges (1784-1844).
Exact synonyms: Ithiel Town
Generic synonyms: Architect, Designer

Definition of Town

1. n. Formerly: (a) An inclosure which surrounded the mere homestead or dwelling of the lord of the manor. [Obs.] (b) The whole of the land which constituted the domain. [Obs.] (c) A collection of houses inclosed by fences or walls.

Definition of Town

1. Noun. A settlement; an area with residential districts, shops and amenities, and its own local government; especially one larger than a village and smaller than a city. ¹

2. Noun. (American English) Any more urbanized center than the place of reference. ¹

3. Noun. (UK historical) A rural settlement in which a market was held at least once a week. ¹

4. Noun. The residents, as opposed to (term gown): the students etc.) of a community having a university. ¹

5. Noun. (colloquial) (non-gloss definition Used to refer to a town or similar entity under discussion). ¹

6. Noun. (legal) A municipal organization, such as a corporation, defined by the laws of the entity of which it is a part. ¹

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Definition of Town

1. a center of population smaller than a city [n -S]

Medical Definition of Town

1. 1. Formerly: An inclosure which surrounded the mere homestead or dwelling of the lord of the manor. The whole of the land which constituted the domain. A collection of houses inclosed by fences or walls. 2. Any number or collection of houses to which belongs a regular market, and which is not a city or the see of a bishop. 3. Any collection of houses larger than a village, and not incorporated as a city; also, loosely, any large, closely populated place, whether incorporated or not, in distinction from the country, or from rural communities. "God made the country, and man made the town." (Cowper) 4. The body of inhabitants resident in a town; as, the town voted to send two representatives to the legislature; the town voted to lay a tax for repairing the highways. 5. A township; the whole territory within certain limits, less than those of a country. 6. The court end of London;-commonly with the. 7. The metropolis or its inhabitants; as, in winter the gentleman lives in town; in summer, in the country. "Always hankering after the diversions of the town." (Addison) "Stunned with his giddy larum half the town." (Pope) The same form of expressions is used in regard to other populous towns. 8. A farm or farmstead; also, a court or farmyard. Town is often used adjectively or in combination with other words; as, town clerk, or town-clerk; town-crier, or town crier; townhall, town-hall, or town hall; townhouse, town house, or town-house. Synonym: Village, hamlet. See Village. Town clerk, an office who keeps the records of a town, and enters its official proceedings. See Clerk. Town cress, the garden cress, or peppergrass. Town house. A house in town, in distinction from a house in the country. See Townhouse. Town meeting, a legal meeting of the inhabitants of a town entitled to vote, for the transaction of public bisiness. Town talk, the common talk of a place; the subject or topic of common conversation. Origin: OE. Toun, tun, AS. Tun inclosure, fence, village, town; akin to D. Tuin a garden, G. Zaun a hadge, fence, OHG. Zun, Icel. Tun an inclosure, homestead, house, Ir. & Gael. Dun a fortress, W. Din. Cf. Down, Dune, tine to inclose. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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