Definition of Rosid dicot genus

1. Noun. A genus of dicotyledonous plants.

Generic synonyms: Dicot Genus, Magnoliopsid Genus
Specialized synonyms: Connarus, Genus Connarus, Arachis, Genus Arachis, Brya, Genus Brya, Centrolobium, Genus Centrolobium, Coumarouna, Dipteryx, Genus Coumarouna, Genus Dipteryx, Genus Hymenaea, Hymenaea, Genus Melilotus, Genus Swainsona, Swainsona, Genus Trifolium, Trifolium, Genus Mimosa, Genus Acacia, Adenanthera, Genus Adenanthera, Genus Albizia, Genus Albizzia, Anadenanthera, Genus Anadenanthera, Genus Calliandra, Enterolobium, Genus Enterolobium, Genus Inga, Genus Leucaena, Leucaena, Genus Lysiloma, Lysiloma, Genus Parkia, Parkia, Genus Piptadenia, Piptadenia, Genus Pithecellobium, Genus Pithecolobium, Pithecellobium, Pithecolobium, Genus Prosopis, Prosopis, Genus Aralia, Genus Hedera, Hedera, Genus Meryta, Meryta, Genus Panax, Panax, Genus Schefflera, Schefflera, Genus Ayapana, Circaea, Genus Circaea, Epilobium, Genus Epilobium, Genus Melastoma, Melastoma, Genus Medinilla, Medinilla, Genus Rhexia, Rhexia, Caesalpinia, Genus Caesalpinia, Acrocarpus, Genus Acrocarpus, Bauhinia, Genus Bauhinia, Brachystegia, Genus Brachystegia, Cassia, Genus Cassia, Ceratonia, Genus Ceratonia, Cercidium, Genus Cercidium, Chamaecrista, Genus Chamaecrista, Delonix, Genus Delonix, Genus Gleditsia, Gleditsia, Genus Gymnocladus, Gymnocladus, Genus Haematoxylon, Genus Haematoxylum, Haematoxylon, Haematoxylum, Genus Parkinsonia, Parkinsonia, Genus Petteria, Petteria, Poinciana, Subgenus Poinciana, Genus Senna, Genus Tamarindus, Tamarindus, Genus Amorpha, Amphicarpa, Amphicarpaea, Genus Amphicarpa, Genus Amphicarpaea, Anagyris, Genus Anagyris, Andira, Genus Andira, Anthyllis, Genus Anthyllis, Apios, Genus Apios, Aspalathus, Genus Aspalathus, Astragalus, Genus Astragalus, Baphia, Genus Baphia, Baptisia, Genus Baptisia, Butea, Genus Butea, Cajanus, Genus Cajanus, Canavalia, Genus Canavalia, Genus Caragana, Castanospermum, Genus Castanospermum, Centrosema, Genus Centrosema, Cercis, Genus Cercis, Chamaecytisus, Genus Chamaecytisus, Chordospartium, Genus Chordospartium, Chorizema, Genus Chorizema, Cicer, Genus Cicer, Cladrastis, Genus Cladrastis, Genus Clianthus, Clitoria, Genus Clitoria, Codariocalyx, Genus Codariocalyx, Colutea, Genus Colutea, Genus Coronilla, Genus Crotalaria, Cyamopsis, Genus Cyamopsis, Cytisus, Genus Cytisus, Dalbergia, Genus Dalbergia, Dalea, Genus Dalea, Daviesia, Genus Daviesia, Genus Derris, Desmanthus, Genus Desmanthus, Desmodium, Genus Desmodium, Dipogon, Genus Dipogon, Dolichos, Genus Dolichos, Genus Erythrina, Galega, Genus Galega, Genus Gastrolobium, Genista, Genus Genista, Genus Geoffroea, Geoffroea, Genus Gliricidia, Genus Glycine, Glycine, Genus Glycyrrhiza, Glycyrrhiza, Genus Halimodendron, Halimodendron, Genus Hardenbergia, Hardenbergia, Genus Hedysarum, Hedysarum, Genus Hippocrepis, Hippocrepis, Genus Hovea, Genus Indigofera, Indigofera, Genus Jacksonia, Jacksonia, Genus Kennedia, Genus Kennedya, Kennedia, Kennedya, Genus Lablab, Lablab, Genus Laburnum, Laburnum, Genus Lathyrus, Lathyrus, Genus Lespedeza, Genus Lens, Lens, Genus Lonchocarpus, Lonchocarpus, Genus Lotus, Lotus, Genus Lupinus, Lupinus, Genus Macrotyloma, Macrotyloma, Genus Medicago, Medicago, Genus Millettia, Genus Mucuna, Genus Stizolobium, Stizolobium, Genus Myroxylon, Myroxylon, Genus Onobrychis, Onobrychis, Genus Ononis, Ononis, Genus Ormosia, Ormosia, Genus Oxytropis, Oxytropis, Genus Pachyrhizus, Pachyrhizus, Genus Parochetus, Parochetus, Genus Phaseolus, Phaseolus, Genus Pickeringia, Pickeringia, Genus Piscidia, Piscidia, Genus Pisum, Pisum, Genus Platylobium, Platylobium, Genus Platymiscium, Platymiscium, Genus Podalyria, Podalyria, Genus Pongamia, Pongamia, Genus Psophocarpus, Psophocarpus, Genus Psoralea, Psoralea, Genus Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus, Genus Pueraria, Pueraria, Genus Retama, Retama, Genus Robinia, Robinia, Genus Sabinea, Sabinea, Genus Sesbania, Genus Sophora, Sophora, Genus Spartium, Spartium, Genus Strongylodon, Strongylodon, Genus Templetonia, Templetonia, Genus Tephrosia, Tephrosia, Genus Thermopsis, Thermopsis, Genus Tipuana, Tipuana, Genus Trigonella, Trigonella, Genus Ulex, Ulex, Genus Vicia, Vicia, Genus Vigna, Vigna, Genus Viminaria, Viminaria, Genus Virgilia, Virgilia, Genus Wisteria, Genus Rosa, Rosa, Genus Agrimonia, Amelanchier, Genus Amelanchier, Chaenomeles, Genus Chaenomeles, Chrysobalanus, Genus Chrysobalanus, Genus Cotoneaster, Crataegus, Genus Crataegus, Cydonia, Genus Cydonia, Dryas, Genus Dryas, Eriobotrya, Genus Eriobotrya, Fragaria, Genus Fragaria, Genus Geum, Geum, Genus Heteromeles, Heteromeles, Genus Malus, Malus, Genus Mespilus, Mespilus, Genus Photinia, Photinia, Genus Potentilla, Potentilla, Genus Poterium, Poterium, Genus Prunus, Prunus, Amygdalus, Genus Amygdalus, Genus Pyracantha, Genus Pyrus, Pyrus, Genus Rubus, Rubus, Genus Sorbus, Sorbus, Genus Spiraea, Spiraea, Genus Impatiens, Genus Pelargonium, Pelargonium, Erodium, Genus Erodium, Bursera, Genus Bursera, Boswellia, Genus Boswellia, Commiphora, Genus Commiphora, Genus Protium, Protium, Callitriche, Genus Callitriche, Genus Malpighia, Malpighia, Genus Melia, Melia, Azadirachta, Genus Azadirachta, Cedrela, Genus Cedrela, Chloroxylon, Genus Chloroxylon, Entandrophragma, Genus Entandrophragma, Flindersia, Genus Flindersia, Genus Khaya, Khaya, Genus Lansium, Genus Lovoa, Lovoa, Genus Swietinia, Swietinia, Genus Toona, Toona, Genus Turreae, Genus Lepidobotrys, Genus Ruptiliocarpon, Ruptiliocarpon, Genus Oxalis, Averrhoa, Genus Averrhoa, Genus Polygala, Polygala, Genus Ruta, Ruta, Genus Citrus, Citroncirus, Genus Citroncirus, Dictamnus, Genus Dictamnus, Fortunella, Genus Fortunella, Genus Phellodendron, Phellodendron, Genus Poncirus, Poncirus, Genus Zanthoxylum, Zanthoxylum, Genus Simarouba, Simarouba, Genus Ailanthus, Genus Irvingia, Irvingia, Genus Kirkia, Kirkia, Genus Picrasma, Picrasma, Genus Quassia, Genus Tropaeolum, Tropaeolum, Genus Zygophyllum, Zygophyllum, Bulnesia, Genus Bulnesia, Genus Guaiacum, Guaiacum, Genus Larrea, Larrea, Genus Tribulus, Tribulus, Cephalotus, Genus Cephalotus, Ceratopetalum, Genus Ceratopetalum, Genus Hydrangea, Genus Carpenteria, Decumaria, Genus Decumaria, Genus Deutzia, Genus Philadelphus, Genus Schizophragma, Schizophragma, Genus Saxifraga, Saxifraga, Genus Astilbe, Genus Bergenia, Boykinia, Genus Boykinia, Chrysosplenium, Genus Chrysosplenium, Darmera, Genus Darmera, Genus Peltiphyllum, Peltiphyllum, Francoa, Genus Francoa, Genus Heuchera, Heuchera, Genus Leptarrhena, Leptarrhena, Genus Lithophragma, Lithophragma, Genus Mitella, Mitella, Genus Parnassia, Genus Suksdorfia, Genus Tellima, Tellima, Genus Tiarella, Tiarella, Genus Tolmiea, Tolmiea, Genus Platanus, Platanus, Euphorbia, Genus Euphorbia, Acalypha, Genus Acalypha, Genus Croton, Codiaeum, Genus Codiaeum, Genus Mercurialis, Mercurialis, Genus Ricinus, Ricinus, Cnidoscolus, Genus Cnidoscolus, Genus Jatropha, Jatropha, Genus Hevea, Hevea, Rubber Tree, Genus Manihot, Manihot, Aleurites, Genus Aleurites, Genus Pedilanthus, Pedilanthus, Genus Sebastiana, Sebastiana, Aethusa, Genus Aethusa, Anethum, Genus Anethum, Genus Angelica, Anthriscus, Genus Anthriscus, Apium, Genus Apium, Genus Astrantia, Carum, Genus Carum, Cicuta, Genus Cicuta, Conium, Genus Conium, Conopodium, Genus Conopodium, Coriandrum, Genus Coriandrum, Cuminum, Genus Cuminum, Daucus, Genus Daucus, Eryngium, Genus Eryngium, Foeniculum, Genus Foeniculum, Genus Heracleum, Heracleum, Genus Levisticum, Levisticum, Genus Myrrhis, Myrrhis, Genus Oenanthe, Oenanthe, Genus Pastinaca, Pastinaca, Genus Petroselinum, Petroselinum, Genus Pimpinella, Pimpinella, Genus Sanicula, Sanicula, Genus Seseli, Seseli, Genus Sison, Sison, Genus Sium, Sium, Genus Smyrnium, Smyrnium, Aucuba, Genus Aucuba, Cornus, Genus Cornus, Corokia, Genus Corokia, Curtisia, Genus Curtisia, Genus Griselinia, Griselinia, Genus Helwingia, Helwingia
Group relationships: Rosidae, Subclass Rosidae

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