Definition of Roman catholic pope

1. Noun. The head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Exact synonyms: Bishop Of Rome, Catholic Pope, Holy Father, Pontiff, Pope, Vicar Of Christ
Group relationships: Papacy, Pontificate
Generic synonyms: Spiritual Leader, Catholic
Specialized synonyms: Antipope
Specialized synonyms: Alexander Vi, Borgia, Pope Alexander Vi, Rodrigo Borgia, Benedict Xiv, Prospero Lambertini, Benedict Xv, Giacomo Della Chiesa, Benedetto Caetani, Boniface Viii, Calixtus Ii, Guy Of Burgundy, Alfonso Borgia, Borgia, Calixtus Iii, Clement Vii, Giulio De' Medici, Clement Xi, Giovanni Francesco Albani, Clement Xiv, Lorenzo Ganganelli, Gregory, Gregory I, Gregory The Great, Saint Gregory I, St. Gregory I, Gregory, Gregory Vii, Hildebrand, Angelo Correr, Gregory, Gregory Xii, Gregory, Gregory Xiii, Ugo Buoncompagni, Bartolomeo Alberto Capillari, Gregory, Gregory Xvi, Innocent Iii, Lotario Di Segni, Giovanni Battista Cibo, Innocent Viii, Benedetto Odescalchi, Innocent Xi, Antonio Pignatelli, Innocent Xii, Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli, John Xxiii, Albino Luciano, John Paul I, John Paul Ii, Karol Wojtyla, Leo I, Leo The Great, St. Leo I, Leo Iii, Bruno, Bruno Of Toul, Leo Ix, Giovanni De'medici, Leo X, Gioacchino Pecci, Giovanni Vincenzo Pecci, Leo Xiii, Martin V, Oddone Colonna, Nicholas V, Tomasso Parentucelli, Alessandro Farnese, Paul Iii, Giovanni Battista Montini, Paul Vi, Aeneas Silvius, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pius Ii, Antonio Ghislieri, Pius V, Giannangelo Braschi, Giovanni Angelo Braschi, Pius Vi, Barnaba Chiaramonti, Luigi Barnaba Gregorio Chiaramonti, Pius Vii, Giovanni Maria Mastai-ferretti, Giovanni Mastai-ferretti, Pius Ix, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, Giuseppe Sarto, Pius X, Achille Ratti, Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti, Pius Xi, Eugenio Pacelli, Pius Xii, Francesco Della Rovere, Sixtus Iv, Gerbert, Sylvester Ii, Odo, Odo Of Lagery, Otho, Otho Of Lagery, Urban Ii, Guillaume De Grimoard, Urban V, Bartolomeo Prignano, Urban Vi, Maffeo Barberini, Urban Viii
Derivative terms: Pontifical, Papal

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Literary usage of Roman catholic pope

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A First Sketch of English Literature by Henry Morley (1912)
"... to school at Twyford, then to London, where he contrived to see Dryden, who had interest for him both as Poet and as Roman Catholic. Pope, still a boy, ..."

2. The New York Times Current History (1917)
"... proof is this: that, at the future Peace Conference, at which the presence of the roman catholic pope is not desired, other Popes will be present. ..."

3. A Manual of English Literature by Henry Morley, Moses Coit Tyler (1879)
"... then to London, where he contrived to see Dryden, who had interest for him both as poet and as Roman Catholic. Pope, still a boy, went home to Binfield. ..."

4. Religion and the Reign of Terror: Or, The Church During the French Revolution by Edmond Dehault de Pressensé, John Power Lacroix (1869)
"And for this I need the real roman catholic pope." I need a Pope. Such was the cherished thought of the First Consul. He needed a Pope on the earth as he ..."

5. The Pamphleteer by Abraham John Valpy (1826)
"But mind, Sir, we will not have the baneful influence of popes and priests, «« on the mass of the Roman Catholic pope!* tion and of the Roman Catholic ..."

6. Addresses at Patriotic and Civic Occasions (1915)
"... to seize the chance when dire peril threatened, to rise up in mutinous revolt and deliver over the country into the hands of the roman catholic pope. ..."

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