Definition of River

1. Noun. A large natural stream of water (larger than a creek). "The river was navigable for 50 miles"

Examples of category: Bend, Curve, Frontage, Confluence, Meeting, Body Of Water, Water, Channel, Shore, Rejuvenate
Specialized synonyms: Aar, Aare, Aare River, Acheron, River Acheron, Adige, River Adige, Aire, Aire River, River Aire, Alabama, Alabama River, Allegheny, Allegheny River, Amazon, Amazon River, Amur, Amur River, Heilong, Heilong Jiang, Angara, Angara River, Tunguska, Upper Tunguska, Apalachicola, Apalachicola River, Araguaia, Araguaia River, Araguaya, Araguaya River, Aras, Araxes, Arauca, Argun, Argun River, Ergun He, Arkansas, Arkansas River, Arno, Arno River, River Arno, Avon, River Avon, Upper Avon, Upper Avon River, Avon, River Avon, Bighorn, Bighorn River, Big Sioux River, Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra River, Brazos, Brazos River, Caloosahatchee, Caloosahatchee River, Cam, Cam River, River Cam, Canadian, Canadian River, Cape Fear River, Chao Phraya, Charles, Charles River, Chattahoochee, Chattahoochee River, Cimarron, Cimarron River, Clinch River, Clyde, Cocytus, River Cocytus, Colorado, Colorado River, Colorado, Colorado River, Columbia, Columbia River, Congo, Congo River, Zaire River, Connecticut, Connecticut River, Coosa, Coosa River, Cumberland, Cumberland River, Danau, Danube, Danube River, Darling, Darling River, Delaware, Delaware River, Demerara, Detroit River, Dnieper, Dnieper River, Don, Don River, Ebro, Ebro River, Elbe, Elbe River, Elizabeth River, Euphrates, Euphrates River, Flint, Flint River, Forth, Forth River, Fox River, Ganges, Ganges River, Gan Jiang, Kan River, Garonne, Garonne River, Gila, Gila River, Grand River, Green, Green River, Housatonic, Housatonic River, Huang He, Hwang Ho, Yellow River, Hudson, Hudson River, Ijssel, Ijssel River, Illinois River, Indigirka, Indigirka River, Indus, Indus River, Irrawaddy, Irrawaddy River, Irtish, Irtish River, Irtysh, Irtysh River, Isere, Isere River, James, James River, James, James River, Jordan, Jordan River, Kanawha, Kanawha River, Kansas, Kansas River, Kaw River, Kasai, Kasai River, River Kasai, Kissimmee, Kissimmee River, Klamath, Klamath River, Kura, Kura River, Lehigh River, Lena, Lena River, Lethe, River Lethe, Crocodile River, Limpopo, Little Bighorn, Little Bighorn River, Little Horn, Little Missouri, Little Missouri River, Little Sioux River, Little Wabash, Little Wabash River, Loire, Loire River, Mackenzie, Mackenzie River, Madeira, Madeira River, Magdalena, Magdalena River, Mekong, Mekong River, Merrimack, Merrimack River, Meuse, Meuse River, Milk, Milk River, Mississippi, Mississippi River, Missouri, Missouri River, Mobile, Mobile River, Mohawk River, Monongahela, Monongahela River, Moreau River, Murray, Murray River, Murrumbidgee, Murrumbidgee River, Namoi, Namoi River, Nan, Nan River, Neckar, Neckar River, Neosho, Neosho River, Neva, Neva River, New River, Niagara, Niagara River, Niger, Niger River, Nile, Nile River, Niobrara, Niobrara River, North Platte, North Platte River, Ob, Ob River, Oder, Oder River, Ohio, Ohio River, Orange, Orange River, Orinoco, Orinoco River, Osage, Osage River, Ottawa, Ottawa River, Outaouais, Ouachita, Ouachita River, Ouse, Ouse River, Parana, Parana River, Parnahiba, Parnaiba, Pearl River, Pecos, Pecos River, Pee Dee, Pee Dee River, Penobscot, Penobscot River, Ping, Ping River, Platte, Platte River, Po, Po River, Potomac, Potomac River, Purus, Purus River, Rappahannock, Rappahannock River, Red, Red River, Republican, Republican River, Rhein, Rhine, Rhine River, Rhone, Rhone River, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Ruhr, Ruhr River, Russian River, Saale, Saale River, Sabine, Sabine River, Sacramento River, Saint Francis, Saint Francis River, St. Francis, St. Francis River, Saint John, Saint John River, St. John, St. John River, Saint Johns, Saint Johns River, St. Johns, St. Johns River, Saint Lawrence, Saint Lawrence River, St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence River, Salmon, Salmon River, Sambre, Sambre River, San Joaquin River, Sao Francisco, Saone, Saone River, Savannah, Savannah River, Scheldt, Scheldt River, Seine, Seine River, River Severn, Severn, Severn River, Severn, Severn River, Seyhan, Seyhan River, Chari, Chari River, Shari, Shari River, Shenandoah River, Snake, Snake River, South Platte, South Platte River, River Styx, Styx, Sun River, Surinam River, Suriname River, Susquehanna, Susquehanna River, Tagus, Tagus River, Tallapoosa, Tallapoosa River, Tennessee, Tennessee River, River Thames, Thames, Thames River, Tevere, Tiber, Tigris, Tigris River, Tocantins, Tocantins River, Tombigbee, Tombigbee River, River Trent, Trent, Trent River, Trinity River, Lower Tunguska, Tunguska, Stony Tunguska, Tunguska, River Tyne, Tyne, Tyne River, Uruguay River, Vetluga, Vetluga River, Vistula, Vistula River, Volga, Volga River, Volkhov, Volkhov River, Volta, Wabash, Wabash River, Weser, Weser River, White, White River, Willamette, Willamette River, Wisconsin, Wisconsin River, Yalu, Yalu River, Chang, Chang Jiang, Changjiang, Yangtze, Yangtze Kiang, Yangtze River, Yazoo, Yazoo River, Yellowstone, Yellowstone River, Yenisei, Yenisei River, Yenisey, Yenisey River, Yukon, Yukon River, Zambezi, Zambezi River, Canton River, Chu Kiang, Pearl River, Zhu Jiang
Terms within: Estuary, Rapid, Falls, Waterfall
Generic synonyms: Stream, Watercourse
Group relationships: Water System

Definition of River

1. n. One who rives or splits.

2. n. A large stream of water flowing in a bed or channel and emptying into the ocean, a sea, a lake, or another stream; a stream larger than a rivulet or brook.

3. v. i. To hawk by the side of a river; to fly hawks at river fowl.

Definition of River

1. Noun. A large and often winding stream which drains a land mass, carrying water down from higher areas to a lower point, ending at an ocean or in an inland sea. Occasionally rivers overflow their banks and cause floods. ¹

2. Noun. Any large flow of a liquid in a single body (e.g., 'a river of blood'). ¹

3. Noun. (poker) The last card dealt in a hand. ¹

4. Verb. (poker) To improve one’s hand to beat another player on the final card in a poker game. ¹

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Definition of River

1. a large, natural stream of water [n -S]

Medical Definition of River

1. 1. A large stream of water flowing in a bed or channel and emptying into the ocean, a sea, a lake, or another stream; a stream larger than a rivulet or brook. "Transparent and sparkling rivers, from which it is delightful to drink as they flow." (Macaulay) 2. A large stream; copious flow; abundance; as, rivers of blood; rivers of oil. River chub, any one of numerous fresh water tortoises inhabiting rivers, especially those of the genus Trionyx and allied genera. See Trionyx. Origin: F. Rivere a river, LL. Riparia river, bank of a river, fr. L. Riparius belonging to a bank or shore, fr. Ripa a bank or shore; of uncertain origin. Cf. Arrive, Riparian. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of River

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain (2000)
"Here was a piece of river which was all down in my book, but I could make neither head nor tail of it: you understand, it was turned around. ..."

2. Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries by Charles Darwin (1846)
"Santa Cruz—Expedition up the river—Indians—Immense Streams of Basaltic Lava—Fragments not transported by the river—Excavation of the Valley—Condor, ..."

3. Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries by Charles Darwin (1889)
"This river is situated about sixty miles south of Port St. Julian. ... The river here assumed a size and appearance which, even at the highest point we ..."

4. Narratives of Early Carolina, 1650-1708 by Alexander Samuel Salley (1911)
"So we returned to our Boat, and proceeded down the river, and came to ... We sent our Boat down the river before us; our selves travelling by Land many ..."

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