Definition of Reptile genus

1. Noun. A genus of reptiles.

Group relationships: Craniata, Subphylum Craniata, Subphylum Vertebrata, Vertebrata
Specialized synonyms: Chelonia, Genus Chelonia, Caretta, Genus Caretta, Genus Lepidochelys, Lepidochelys, Eretmochelys, Genus Eretmochelys, Dermochelys, Genus Dermochelys, Chelydra, Genus Chelydra, Genus Macroclemys, Macroclemys, Genus Kinosternon, Kinosternon, Genus Sternotherus, Sternotherus, Genus Malaclemys, Malaclemys, Genus Pseudemys, Pseudemys, Genus Terrapene, Terrapene, Chrysemys, Genus Chrysemys, Genus Testudo, Testudo, Genus Geochelone, Geochelone, Genus Gopherus, Gopherus, Genus Xerobates, Xerobates, Genus Trionyx, Trionyx, Genus Sphenodon, Sphenodon, Genus Ptychozoon, Ptychozoon, Coleonyx, Genus Coleonyx, Genus Pygopus, Pygopus, Genus Iguana, Amblyrhynchus, Genus Amblyrhynchus, Dipsosaurus, Genus Dipsosaurus, Genus Sauromalus, Sauromalus, Callisaurus, Genus Callisaurus, Genus Uma, Uma, Genus Holbrookia, Holbrookia, Crotaphytus, Genus Crotaphytus, Gambelia, Genus Gambelia, Genus Sceloporus, Sceloporus, Genus Uta, Uta, Genus Urosaurus, Urosaurus, Genus Phrynosoma, Phrynosoma, Basiliscus, Genus Basiliscus, Anolis, Genus Anolis, Amphisbaena, Amphisbaenia, Genus Amphisbaena, Genus Amphisbaenia, Genus Scincus, Scincus, Genus Scincella, Scincella, Eumeces, Genus Eumeces, Cordylidae, Family Cordylidae, Cordylus, Genus Cordylus, Cnemidophorus, Genus Cnemidophorus, Genus Tupinambis, Tupinambis, Genus Agama, Chlamydosaurus, Genus Chlamydosaurus, Draco, Genus Draco, Genus Moloch, Genus Gerrhonotus, Gerrhonotus, Anguis, Genus Anguis, Genus Ophisaurus, Ophisaurus, Genus Xenosaurus, Xenosaurus, Genus Lanthanotus, Lanthanotus, Genus Heloderma, Heloderma, Genus Lacerta, Lacerta, Chamaeleo, Genus Chamaeleo, Genus Chamaeleon, Genus Varanus, Varanus, Genus Saurosuchus, Saurosuchus, Genus Proterochampsa, Proterochampsa, Crocodilus, Crocodylus, Genus Crocodilus, Genus Crocodylus, Genus Tomistoma, Tomistoma, Genus Alligator, Genus Caiman, Gavialis, Genus Gavialis, Genus Pisanosaurus, Genus Staurikosaurus, Genus Stegosaurus, Genus Ankylosaurus, Genus Protoceratops, Genus Triceratops, Genus Styracosaurus, Genus Psittacosaurus, Genus Anatotitan, Genus Corythosaurus, Genus Edmontosaurus, Genus Trachodon, Genus Iguanodon, Genus Apatosaurus, Genus Brontosaurus, Genus Barosaurus, Genus Diplodocus, Genus Titanosaurus, Titanosaurus, Genus Seismosaurus, Seismosaurus, Genus Ceratosaurus, Genus Coelophysis, Genus Tyrannosaurus, Genus Allosaurus, Genus Antrodemus, Genus Compsognathus, Genus Herrerasaurus, Genus Eoraptor, Genus Megalosaurus, Genus Struthiomimus, Genus Deinocheirus, Genus Velociraptor, Genus Deinonychus, Genus Utahraptor, Genus Mononychus, Chronoperates, Genus Chronoperates, Exaeretodon, Genus Exaeretodon, Genus Ischigualastia, Ischigualastia, Genus Edaphosaurus, Genus Dimetrodon, Genus Pterodactylus, Pterodactylus, Genus Ichthyosaurus, Genus Stenopterygius, Genus Plesiosaurus, Genus Nothosaurus, Carphophis, Genus Carphophis, Diadophis, Genus Diadophis, Genus Heterodon, Heterodon, Genus Phyllorhynchus, Phyllorhynchus, Genus Opheodrys, Opheodrys, Chlorophis, Genus Chlorophis, Coluber, Genus Coluber, Genus Masticophis, Masticophis, Elaphe, Genus Elaphe, Genus Ptyas, Ptyas, Arizona, Genus Arizona, Genus Pituophis, Pituophis, Genus Lampropeltis, Lampropeltis, Genus Thamnophis, Thamnophis, Genus Tropidoclonion, Tropidoclonion, Genus Sonora, Sonora, Genus Potamophis, Potamophis, Genus Haldea, Haldea, Genus Natrix, Natrix, Genus Nerodia, Nerodia, Genus Storeria, Storeria, Chilomeniscus, Genus Chilomeniscus, Genus Tantilla, Tantilla, Genus Oxybelis, Oxybelis, Genus Trimorphodon, Trimorphodon, Genus Hypsiglena, Hypsiglena, Genus Leptotyphlops, Leptotyphlops, Drymarchon, Genus Drymarchon, Charina, Genus Charina, Genus Lichanura, Lichanura, Eunectes, Genus Eunectes, Genus Python, Genus Micrurus, Micrurus, Genus Micruroides, Micruroides, Calliophis, Callophis, Genus Calliophis, Genus Callophis, Aspidelaps, Genus Aspidelaps, Genus Rhynchoelaps, Rhynchoelaps, Denisonia, Genus Denisonia, Genus Naja, Naja, Genus Ophiophagus, Ophiophagus, Genus Hemachatus, Hemachatus, Dendraspis, Dendroaspis, Genus Dendraspis, Genus Dendroaspis, Acanthophis, Genus Acanthophis, Genus Notechis, Notechis, Genus Pseudechis, Pseudechis, Bungarus, Genus Bungarus, Genus Oxyuranus, Oxyuranus, Genus Vipera, Vipera, Bitis, Genus Bitis, Aspis, Genus Aspis, Genus Cerastes, Agkistrodon, Ancistrodon, Genus Agkistrodon, Genus Ancistrodon, Crotalus, Genus Crotalus, Genus Sistrurus, Sistrurus, Bothrops, Genus Bothrops
Generic synonyms: Genus

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Literary usage of Reptile genus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on Zoology by Edwin Ray Lankester (1903)
"... no alternation of hosts ; schizogony and sporogony in the same host. which is always a cold-blooded vertebrate, fish, amphibian, or reptile. Genus 1. ..."

2. Report of the Annual Meeting (1842)
"... the Maidstone greensand by its teeth, and that of the Wealden formation recognized by- its vertebrae, are all parts of the same extinct reptile. Genus ..."

3. Adventures in the Wilds of the United States and British American Provinces by Charles Lanman (1856)
"If the guest have a fondness for creatures of the reptile genus, the neighboring lakes will supply him with any number of huge alligators, and the swamps ..."

4. Life of Matthew Hale Carpenter: A View of the Honors and Achievements That by Frank Abial Flower (1883)
"This black specimen of the reptile genus, warmed into life in our bosoms, now rears its scaly crest to wage a war, in which it may be that it or we ..."

5. The New England Farmer by Samuel W. Cole (1856)
"... it is claimed and maintained, dozes away the winter at the bottom of a mill-pond or lake, with the reptile genus, about the lowest order of.creation. ..."

6. The Medical and Physical Journal (1815)
"... that the umbilical vessels are nothing but pro. ductions of the vessels of the bladder. According to M. Du- trochet, the egg of the reptile genus is a ..."

7. The Australian Colonies: Their Origin and Present Condition by William Hughes (1852)
"... fitted by its organisation for living in the elements proper to two distinct classes of animals, approximates in some respects to the reptile genus, ..."

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