Definition of Rat snake

1. Noun. Any of various nonvenomous rodent-eating snakes of North America and Asia.

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Literary usage of Rat snake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Village Folk-tales of Ceylon by Henry Parker (1914)
"Because, through the act of his eating the White Rat-snake's head they were unable to 1 Hatara-maha Lula. I am doubtful regarding the meaning of maha ..."

2. Snakes: Curiosities and Wonders of Serpent Life by Catherine Cooper Hopley (1882)
"A South American rat snake ... but the keeper was on the watch, and administered a little practical reproof which made the rat snake loosen his hold. ..."

3. Ceylon, the Paradise of Adam: The Record of Seven Years' Residence in the Island by Caroline Corner (1908)
"It wasn'ta cobra : only a rat-snake, from what I saw of it. ... A rummy sort of rat- snake then." It was a lieutenant who talked— he always did. ..."

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