Medical Definition of Ramus ventralis nervi spinalis

1. The larger, anterolaterally-directed major terminal branch (with the dorsal primary ramus) of all 31 pairs of mixed spinal nerves, formed at the intervertebral foramen. Most ventral primary rami, especially those involved in the innervation of the limbs, participate in the formation of the major nerve plexuses (cervical, brachial, and lumbosacral) and lose their identities. Most in the thoracic region, however, remain separate from adjacent rami to become the intercostal and subcostal nerves. Ventral primary rami provide innervation to the anterolateral body wall and trunk. Nomina Anatomica lists ventral primary rami as "rami ventrales" for each group of spinal nerves: 1) cervical (nervorum cervicalium ), 2) thoracic (nervorum thoracicorum ), 3) lumbar (nervorum lumbalium ), 4) sacral (nervorum sacralium )m, and 5) coccygeal (nervi coccygei ). Synonym: ramus ventralis nervi spinalis, anterior primary division. (05 Mar 2000)

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