Definition of Purple apricot

1. Noun. Small hybrid apricot of Asia and Asia Minor having purplish twigs and white flowers following by inferior purple fruit.

Exact synonyms: Black Apricot, Prunus Dasycarpa
Group relationships: Genus Prunus, Prunus
Generic synonyms: Apricot, Apricot Tree

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Literary usage of Purple apricot

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1918)
"... small greenish or yellowish rather hard and dry clingstone fruits. Its flowers are fragrant. The little cultivated black or purple apricot (Amygdalus ..."

2. The American Fruit Culturist: Containing Practical Directions for the by John Jacob Thomas (1875)
"(purple apricot, Noir, Violet.) Small or medium, round ; pale red whore densely shaded, dull deep purple or nearly black in the sun, surface with a thin ..."

3. The Cherry in Kansas: With a Chapter on the Apricot and the Nectarine by William H. Barnes, Kansas State Horticultural Society (1900)
"This fruit, which is known also as the purple apricot, possesses but little merit, but is frequently spoken of in horticultural circles. ..."

4. The Fruits and Fruit-trees of America, Or, the Culture, Propagation, and by Andrew Jackson Downing, Charles Downing (1883)
"(Hogg.) BEAUGE. A foreign variety very much resembling the Moorpark, but ripening a little later. BLACK. Amygdalus dasycarpa. purple apricot. Noii; Violet. ..."

5. The Fruits and Fruit Trees of America: Or, The Culture, Propagation, and by Andrew Jackson Downing, Charles Downing (1860)
"The blossom buds arc tinged with deep red before they expand. BLACE. Thomp. Fors. Amygdalus dasycarpa. Dec. purple apricot. Lind. ..."

6. A Manual Flora of Madeira and the Adjacent Island of Porto Santo and the by Richard Thomas Lowe (1868)
"The Damasco preto, purple apricot or Apricot-plum (A, dasycarpa Pers.), known by its small round velvety v. -purple plum-like fr., also now and then occurs. ..."

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