Definition of Prairie grouse

1. Noun. Brown mottled North American grouse of western prairies.

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Literary usage of Prairie grouse

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Our Feathered Game: A Handbook of the North American Game Birds by Dwight Williams Huntington (1903)
"The prairie- grouse is a reddish-brown bird with dark brown stripes ... The prairie-grouse live only in the open country, preferring prairies of vast extent ..."

2. American Game-bird Shooting by George Bird Grinnell (1910)
"SHOOTING THE prairie grouse. The shooting of the prairie grouse differs widely from the same sport on the woodland species. In the one case the birds are ..."

3. The Birds of Manitoba by Ernest Thompson Seton (1891)
"When feeding on the stubbles both species of prairie grouse associate together in the packs, but separate when the Sharp-tails go into the woods. ..."

4. Game Farming for Profit and Pleasure: A Manual on the Wild Turkeys, Grouse by Dwight Williams Huntington (1915)
"The prairie grouse weighs about two pounds and its flesh is tender, juicy, and delicious. Some prefer it to the flesh of the ruffed grouse and I am inclined ..."

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