Definition of Potato salad

1. Noun. Any of various salads having chopped potatoes as the base.

Generic synonyms: Salad

Definition of Potato salad

1. Noun. A salad made from chopped boiled potatoes and a variety of other ingredients in a dressing ¹

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Literary usage of Potato salad

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Up-to-date Waitress by Janet McKenzie Hill (1906)
"potato salad Chop very fine half a small, young, and mild onion and half a green pepper-pod. These should be as fine as if they had been grated. ..."

2. The American Salad Book by Maximilian De Loup (1900)
"potato salad a la Philadelphia. Spread slices of cold boiled potato on a flat ... potato salad, Prince. Cut a quart of cold boiled potatoes fine and mince ..."

3. Domestic Science by Bertha J. Hoisington Austin (1914)
"To marinate means to moisten a salad mixture with French dressing and then allow it to stand until well seasoned. Lesson LVIII potato salad Materials used: ..."

4. Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes by Emma McKinney, William McKinney (1922)
"potato salad Five medium sized, cold, boiled Irish potatoes, diced; three hard boiled eggs and a few pieces of parsley chopped fine, and one cup of diced ..."

5. The Creole Cookery Book (1885)
"potato salad. Boiled potatoes (Irish) sliced, 5 large hard boiled eggs (sliced), 4 potted ham, 2 tablespoons sweet pickle, 2 tablespoons salt and pepper; ..."

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