Definition of Positiveness

1. Noun. The character of the positive electric pole.

Exact synonyms: Positivity
Generic synonyms: Polarity, Sign
Antonyms: Negativeness, Negativity

2. Noun. A quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation and dogmatic assertiveness.
Exact synonyms: Positivism, Positivity
Generic synonyms: Quality
Specialized synonyms: Assertiveness, Self-assertiveness
Antonyms: Negativeness, Negativity
Derivative terms: Positive, Positive, Positive, Positive

3. Noun. The quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome.

4. Noun. An amount greater than zero.
Exact synonyms: Positivity
Generic synonyms: Amount
Antonyms: Negativeness, Negativity
Derivative terms: Positive

5. Noun. The quality of being undeniable and not worth arguing about.

Definition of Positiveness

1. n. The quality or state of being positive; reality; actualness; certainty; confidence; peremptoriness; dogmatism. See Positive, a.

Definition of Positiveness

1. Noun. The quality of being positive; positivity ¹

2. Noun. The result of being positive ¹

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Definition of Positiveness

1. [n -ES]

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Literary usage of Positiveness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Representative Modern Preachers by Lewis Orsmond Brastow (1904)
"As involved in the consciousness of vocation, the positiveness of Spurgeon's preaching is ... Spurgeon's positiveness disclosed itself in various ways, ..."

2. Homerica, Emendations and Elucidations of the Odyssey by Thomas Leyden Agar (1908)
"is perhaps right, but undoubtedly the clear positiveness of the subjunctive and not the concessive politeness of the ..."

3. A Brief for the Trial of Civil Issues Before a Jury by Austin Abbott, William Charles Wermuth (1922)
"Reason for positiveness. A witness may he asked why he is confident he is correct; for a reason for the positiveness of relevant knowledge is relevant.1 ..."

4. Parents and Their Problems: Child Welfare in Home, School, Church and State by Mary Harmon Weeks, National Congress of Mothers (1914)
"Protect your body against weakness and ill health by muscular positiveness. The unprotected body is at the mercy of worry, jars and depressions. ..."

5. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1899)
"His writings were characterized by great lucidity but also by a marked positiveness and by a polemical tone which sometimes caused his assertions to be ..."

6. The Doctrine of Sacred Scripture: A Critical, Historical, and Dogmatic by George Trumbull Ladd (1883)
"To biblical revelation, then, the characteristic of continuity preeminently belongs. The characteristics of positiveness and ..."

7. The Journal of Medical Research (1901)
"With patient EM treatment with rag weed pollen decreased the positiveness of the skin test from a doubtful positive with a I—5000 dilution of rag weed to a ..."

8. The Law of Contracts by Samuel Williston, Clarence Martin Lewis (1920)
"positiveness of repudiation. It is stated in the decisions that in order to give rise to an anticipatory breach of contract the defendant's refusal to ..."

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