Definition of Party of god

1. Noun. A Shiite terrorist organization with strong ties to Iran; seeks to create an Iranian fundamentalist Islamic state in Lebanon; car bombs are the signature weapon.

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Literary usage of Party of god

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. What Frances E. Willard Said by Frances Elizabeth Willard (1905)
"May the patient, steadfast work of Christian women so react upon politics within the next generation that the party of God will be at the fore; ..."

2. The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East: With Historical Surveys by Charles Francis Horne (1917)
"These are the party of God: and shall not the party of God prosper ? CHAPTER LIX ENTITLED, THE EMIGRATION; REVEALED AT MEDINA IN THE NAME OF 1 FIE MOST ..."

3. The Present Conflict of Ideals: A Study of the Philosophical Background of by Ralph Barton Perry (1918)
"The dispute is between the party of God and the party of man; between those who from emphasis on the feeling of dependence and the sentiment of admiration ..."

4. The Sermons of Henry Ward Beecher in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn by Henry Ward Beecher (1873)
"He that seeks to build men up and help them, is of the party of God. I appeal to every person in this congregation, young or old, is not this life of ..."

5. Sacred Books of the East: Comprising the Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta by Epiphanius Wilson, Aśvaghoṣa, Samuel Beal, Friedrich Max Müller, James Darmesteter, George Sale, Dharmaraksha (1900)
"And whoso taketh God, and his apostle, and the believers for his friends, they are the party of God, and they shall be victorious. ..."

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