Definition of Nut house

1. Noun. Pejorative terms for an insane asylum.

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Literary usage of Nut house

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Law of Contracts by William Herbert Page (1920)
"983. 10 LRA v. Mann, 176 N. Car. 353, 97 SE 175; (NS) 734, 57 SE 213. C'ollard v. Fried, — ND —, 170 N. > nut house v. Pacific Oil Mills, 102 W. 525. Wash. ..."

2. A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Thomas Bayly Howell by Thomas Bayly Howell (1816)
"... he broke open the door of an nut-house near it, where he slept, and left behind him in the morning a dark lantern. On the Wednesday night be went to ..."

3. A Journey from Madras Through the Countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar by Francis Hamilton, East India Company (1870)
"... the imports are salt; sugar ; sugar-candy ; coco-nuts ; betel-nut;house oaic<;r3- pepper ;cut, or terra japonica ; ginger; capili, ..."

4. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Exchequer: From by Great Britain Court of Exchequer, Great Britain Court of Exchequer Chamber, George Price (1816)
"... chapel, building for religious worship, dwelling-house, barn, stable or nut-house, shall be out of any city or town, that is either a county of itself, ..."

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