Definition of Mountain state

1. Noun. A state in east central United States.

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Literary usage of Mountain state

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society by American-Irish Historical Society (1919)
"STRAY HISTORICAL ITEMS FROM THE GREEN mountain state. PICKED UP BY MICHAEL J. O'BRIEN. RUTLAND, VT.—"The Charter of Rutland was dated September 7th, 1761. ..."

2. A Dictionary of American Politics: Comprising Accounts of Political Parties by Everit Brown, Albert Strauss (1907)
"Hayes' administra- as the Green mountain state. (See New Hampshire Grants. ... mountain state ..."

3. History of Michigan by Charles Moore (1915)
"Dewey, whose family also were of the Green mountain state, and he was descended directly from Revolutionary stock. Merritt O. Dewey received the greater ..."

4. Reunion of the Sons and Daughters of the Town of Wilmington Held at by Kittredge Haskins (1890)
"... OUR OWN GREEN mountain state. Her name, her fame, her rock-ribbed hills, her men, her women, are dearer to us than all others. RESPONSE BY HON. ..."

5. Good Words by Norman Macleod (1876)
"In the foregoing pages we have sketched the history of this native mountain State, not because of any importance to-day attaching to its existence, ..."

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